Small Business Copywriter: Tips and Tricks for Success

Good copy makes for a good advertisement for brands and businesses alike. Just the use of good imagery is not enough to make your business successful.

Let’s say you have a small business. Either you need to make good copy for your website or for other social media.

What do you do?

You try to write good copy, right? But sometimes, you might face writer’s block like so many others. Or you just don’t know where to start.

And then you try to scour the internet, looking for inspiration. The thing is, you can’t become a successful small business copywriter if you don’t already know some of the tricks I’m going to share with you today.

So let’s get to it!

Narrative Arc

As a small business copywriter, you need to build a narrative arc before you even start writing your copy.

Your copy should have a beginning that introduces the audience to the subject you’re going to talk about, a middle with substantial content, and a simple conclusion that brings everything together.


Every small business copywriter knows what CTA or Call to Action is. It’s how you urge your audience to buy a specific product or service at the end of your copy.

It could be anything else as well, from subscribing to something, browsing a website, or even just to comment their opinions.

Engage the Customers

Your customers are going to be willing to buy your products or services if you can offer something new to them.

Anything educational, thought-provoking, funny, or even something really relevant can do the job of engaging your customers.

Target Audience

Anyone working as a small business copywriter should know who they are writing their copy for. It’s all for the target audience!

You know, right?

If you can get to the bottom of the needs, desires, and pain points of your target audience, you can strike gold with your copy by reflecting on a solution to their problems.

Don’t forget the tone!

The tone that you need to follow for writing your copy depends on your target audience. As long as the tone you choose comes across as a means of personal communication to your audience, they will bite.


It’s easy to forget about the headline and spend too much time on the entire copy itself. But that’s a big mistake!

The headlines are what gets your customers to read your copy in the first place. If you don’t hook them with a good headline, they might not even take a second glance at your writing.

The Grammar

To err is human. Yes, we are all aware of how people are allowed to make mistakes. But when you are trying to be a professional small business copywriter, you need to fix your grammar mistakes.

Read more about:

Grammar nazis!

Even if grammar nazis don’t attack you, many people won’t take you seriously if you make these mistakes. And you need to look professional enough to sell your copy.

On Point Copy

Using a lot of words to hike up your word count is not the right way to make good copy. So you should never be vague with your writing.

Get to the point!

If you can’t come out and say what’s on your mind, your audience will not stay hooked and might even get confused.

Active Voice

Every small business copywriter knows this trick! You are trying to get your audience to do something specific.

So be assertive!

The use of active voice makes you sound more confident and can even portray you as very reliable to the audience.


Every small business copywriter forgets the essentials from time to time. Happens to the best of us. And that’s exactly why I brought up the tricks you need to use as a copywriter to make your copy sell. Just a reminder!

Zayan Ali

Zayan Ali is an experienced blog writer with 3 years of expertise, known for captivating readers in diverse niches and being a sought-after online content creator.

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