Top 5 Occasions To Gift Customized Playing Cards

Custom playing cards are a great way to give a personal gift to someone, as well as to a group of people. And unlike so many of the trinkets and gift bags that are given away at larger events (like some of the ones we’ll discuss here) which are often left there or thrown away, a deck of custom cards holds thought and sentiment.

And the fact that you can buy personalized playing cards in single packs or bulk, you have a lot of options regarding how and where to distribute them. Whether the customization revolves around the person you’re giving it to (their birthday, their graduation, etc.) or it’s personalized from the giver (your wedding, your college reunion, etc.), in most cases, people tend to hold on to a gift like this. 

And since they are perfectly suited for any card night with friends and family, including poker, spades, hearts, rummy, solitaire, or any other standard, 52-card deck game, it’s something they’ll actually use. So, now that you understand why these cards make good gifts, let’s take a look at where you can give them:

1.At a Birthday Party 

There are a lot of fun ways to customize cards for someone’s birthday. You can choose their favorite hobby or pastime, you can create a memory reel of past birthdays as they grew up, or you can do something totally outside the box. Whatever you choose, your gift will show consideration.

2.At a Wedding

This is a great option as a single gift for the couple whose wedding you’re attending, but also as a table gift or part of a gift bag for the guests at your own wedding. In addition, they make perfect groomsmen or bridal party presents. 

It can also create an interactive and entertaining element to the event; especially during cocktails at the reception or after the bride and groom have slipped away to their honeymoon.

3.At an Anniversary Party

If weddings are a perfect place for personalized playing cards, then why not the annual celebration of a wedding? Milestones call for special recognition, and custom playing cards displaying a couple’s love over the years are a fantastic way to honor them.

4.Corporate Events or Retreats

Much is said about the process of team building and office-strengthening these days. As a result, companies now plan regular events such as picnics, day getaways, and even multi-day retreats. Personalized cards with the company’s logo or slogan are a quick and easy business-themed gift for employees to remind them of the fun stuff at work.

5.At Family Reunion

This is another occasion rightly suited for a gift like a custom deck of cards. Whether to honor the patriarch and matriarch of the family or to give them out to the entire brood, this present will become a cherished keepsake as a reminder of one of the few times so much of the family was together.

Many Other Great Occasions to Give Personalized Playing Cards

Any of these and many other occasions provide an opportunity to present a unique and thoughtful token to your friends, family, or colleagues. And who knows? A card game might even break out!

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