Remembering Arturo Moreno, the Terminal List’s Unsung Hero

While the action-packed thrills of “The Terminal List” captivated audiences in 2022, a name quietly nestled amongst the end credits sparked curious whispers. Arturo Moreno (1980-2022), an assistant costume designer, became a symbol of dedication and talent cut tragically short. This blog post goes beyond the credits, paying tribute to Arturo’s legacy and the profound impact he left on the worlds of film and television.

From Dreams to Reality: A Journey into Costume Design

Arturo’s artistic spirit blossomed early. Born in 1980, he nurtured a passion for storytelling and creativity, which naturally led him to the world of costume design. His journey began with meticulous sketches and unwavering enthusiasm, eventually propelling him towards the bustling studios of Hollywood.

A Masterful Weaver of Worlds: Behind the Scenes with Arturo

Arturo’s talent resided not just in his artistic vision but in his meticulous attention to detail. He possessed a remarkable ability to understand the essence of a character and translate it into visually compelling attire. From the worn uniforms of soldiers in “The Terminal List” to the vibrant costumes of “9-1-1,” Arturo breathed life into each persona through their clothing.

Collaboration and Camaraderie: Arturo’s Enduring Spirit

More than just a skilled artist, Arturo was a cherished member of every production he touched. His infectious smile and unwavering work ethic fostered a sense of camaraderie on set. He readily collaborated with costume designers, actors, and crew, earning respect and admiration for his professionalism and kindness.

A Legacy Etched in Celluloid: Arturo’s Contributions to Television

Though tragically brief, Arturo’s career left an indelible mark on the television landscape. From his early work on “Midnight, Texas” to his poignant contributions to “The Terminal List,” he helped shape the visual narratives of popular shows that touched millions of hearts.

Farewell, Friend: The Outpouring of Love and Support

News of Arturo’s passing in 2022 resonated deeply within the entertainment industry. Fellow costume designers, actors, and directors took to social media, sharing heartfelt memories and praising his talent and compassion. The outpouring of grief served as a testament to the lasting impact he had made.

Remembering the Human: Beyond the Spotlight

Beyond the professional accolades, Arturo was cherished for his genuine nature and unwavering devotion to his loved ones. He was a loyal friend, a loving son, and a source of constant laughter and joy. Remembering Arturo reminds us that the magic of film and television is woven not just by the stars on screen, but also by the dedicated individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Keeping the Flame Alive: Honoring Arturo’s Memory

Arturo’s legacy lives on in the hearts of all who knew him and experienced his artistry. We can honor his memory by celebrating his work, continuing his spirit of collaboration, and supporting aspiring artists who, like him, dream of weaving magic through costume design.


While Arturo Moreno’s name may appear fleetingly in the credits, his contribution to the world of film and television is etched in every stitch and seam of the characters he adorned. He was a talented artist, a devoted colleague, and a kind soul whose warmth and passion continue to inspire. As the curtain closes on another year, let us keep Arturo’s memory alive by cherishing the beauty he created and emulating his spirit of kindness and collaboration.


  • What was Arturo Moreno’s most notable work?

While Arturo contributed to several renowned shows, his work on “The Terminal List” gained particular recognition for its authenticity and detail.

  • How did Arturo Moreno die?

Sadly, Arturo passed away in 2022. The cause of death remains private.

  • How can I honor Arturo Moreno’s memory?

Sharing his story, appreciating his work, and supporting aspiring artists are some ways to keep his legacy alive.

  • Where can I learn more about Arturo Moreno?

While tributes and information online may be limited, following accounts of colleagues and fellow costume designers might offer further insights.

  • Is there a way to directly contribute to Arturo’s memory?

If a memorial fund or charitable cause related to Arturo’s interests is established, details will likely be shared through his close circles or online tributes.

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