Mark Your Calendar! What Will You Be Doing 35 Days From Today?

It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Today feels brand new, but in just 35 days, it will be March 18th (or March 17th, depending on your time zone). While that might seem like a distant date right now, taking a moment to anticipate it can open doors to exciting possibilities. So, let’s explore the question: what is 35 days from today?

Fresh Start for New Goals

March often feels like a new semester of life. The winter chill has (hopefully) passed, and a renewed sense of energy often arrives. Use this 35-day window to set goals and intentions for yourself. What personal or professional milestones do you want to achieve? Write them down, create a plan, and leverage these next few weeks to get a head start.

Celebrate Upcoming Occasions

Think ahead to any special events or holidays happening within those 35 days. Is there a birthday, anniversary, or cultural celebration you’ll be part of? Start planning gifts, decorations, or travel arrangements now to avoid last-minute stress. Additionally, consider volunteering opportunities around specific holidays, making your 35 days even more meaningful.

Travel Planning Made Easy

Spring break, long weekends, or even just a few days off work can be the perfect opportunity for a trip. With 35 days’ notice, you can research destinations, compare flight and accommodation deals, and book well in advance, often securing better prices and availability. So, if travel is on your mind, use this time to turn your dream into reality.

Unleash Your Creativity

Do you have an artistic flair or a project you’ve been putting off? The next 35 days offer a dedicated period to unleash your creativity. Whether it’s writing, painting, crafting, or anything else that sparks your imagination, set aside some time each day to explore your passion. You might be surprised by what you create!

Deepen Your Connections

Relationships are precious, and nurturing them takes effort. Use these 35 days to reconnect with loved ones, plan meaningful outings, or simply schedule quality time together. This could involve catching up with friends, planning a family game night, or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Embrace Personal Growth

The next 35 days can be a chance for self-improvement. Do you want to learn a new skill, pick up a healthy habit, or simply declutter your life? Dedicate some time each day to personal growth, be it reading, taking an online course, or starting a new routine. Every small step contributes to your overall well-being.


What is 35 days from today? It’s a blank canvas waiting to be filled with possibilities. Whether you use it for goal setting, travel planning, connecting with loved ones, or personal growth, these next few weeks can be transformative. So, mark your calendar, choose your intentions, and make the most of this exciting window of time!


  • Q: I don’t know what to do with 35 days. Any suggestions?

A: The beauty lies in tailoring the experience to your own interests and goals. Explore hobbies you’ve neglected, learn a new skill, read a classic book, or volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Even small steps can lead to meaningful discoveries.

  • Q: I’m on a tight budget. How can I make the most of 35 days without spending much?

A: Plenty of activities don’t require hefty spending. Explore free museum days, organize game nights with friends, go for scenic hikes, or simply enjoy the beauty of nature. Remember, meaningful experiences often stem from connection and creativity, not expensive outings.

  • Q: I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Where do I start?

A: Take a deep breath and prioritize! Make a list of intentions or interests, then choose one or two that resonate most with you. Focus on small, achievable actions within those areas, and watch your momentum build. Remember, progress, not perfection, is key.

  • Q: How can I stay motivated throughout the next 35 days?

A: Share your goals with supportive friends or family, track your progress visually, and celebrate small wins along the way. Most importantly, find joy in the process and remember that every step, big or small, contributes to your personal growth and fulfillment.

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