Minding Your Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy: A Shop, a Haunting, and You

PlayStation witches and wizards, have you stumbled upon a vacant shop in Hogsmeade with a lingering house-elf? Then you’ve likely unlocked the “Minding Your Own Business” side quest – a thrilling adventure that’s anything but business as usual. This guide will take you through the twists and turns of this exclusive quest, from acquiring the shop to confronting its hidden horrors.

Finding the Shop and Penny

Your journey begins in Hogsmeade. Look for a vacant shop with a forlorn house-elf named Penny standing outside. Talk to her, and she’ll reveal the shop’s troubled history.

Meeting Cassandra Mason

Following Penny’s lead, you’ll encounter Cassandra Mason, the shop’s owner. Despite the prime location, she’s surprisingly eager to sell at a low price. Be wary – there’s more to this deal than meets the eye.

The Price of Ownership

If you have the galleons and a thirst for adventure, purchase the shop. Penny will become your loyal assistant, and the true test begins.

Cleaning Up and Repairing the Shop

The shop is in disarray. Use your spells, like Reparo, to fix broken furniture and clear debris. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, witch or wizard!

The Mysterious Chest

Cassandra mentioned a mysterious chest hidden within the shop. With Penny’s help, locate it and unlock it to unearth the shop’s dark secret.

Delving into the Depths

The chest unlocks a hidden passage leading deep below the shop. Brace yourself for a descent into a chilling and dangerous environment.

Facing the Frights

The secret area is haunted! Expect to encounter Inferi, solve puzzles, and even play along with a mischievous poltergeist.

Confronting Cassandra and Unmasking the Truth

Returning from the depths, you’ll uncover Cassandra’s true motives and the shop’s haunted past. Prepare to make a choice with lasting consequences.


“Minding Your Own Business” is a unique and exciting adventure in Hogwarts Legacy. It offers a refreshing break from your studies, throws some scares your way, and presents a moral dilemma. So, PlayStation witches and wizards, are you brave enough to take on this haunted shop and its secrets? Just remember, sometimes, minding your own business can lead to extraordinary discoveries!


  • Q: Is “Minding Your Own Business” available on all platforms?

A: No, this quest is exclusive to the PlayStation version of Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Q: What level should I be before attempting this quest?

A: There’s no specific level requirement, but it’s recommended to be comfortable with combat and puzzle-solving.

  • Q: Can I buy the shop without Penny’s help?

A: Unfortunately, Penny is crucial to acquiring and restoring the shop.

  • Q: What happens after I complete the quest?

A: The outcome depends on your final choice. You can either keep the shop or expose Cassandra’s actions.

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