Sahiwal Cow Milk Per Day and Health Benefits

As long as you are not lactose intolerant, cow milk is a great source of healthy nutrients essential for every living being.

Nutrition components, such as calcium, riboflavin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and more, are all present in milk.

Did you know?

A single cup of cow milk actually contains about 8 grams of protein. On top of that, there are all nine amino acids you need for bodily functions in milk.

To say the least, milk has a lot of health benefits. But people tend to go for cows like Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and others for milk production.

Do you know about Sahiwal cow milk per day production? This cow’s milk is not only beneficial for your health but also produces a lot of milk. 

Let me explain!

Sahiwal Cow Milk Per Day?

A lot of people might claim that a Sahiwal dairy cow can produce milk as much as 25 liters every day.

This might be a stretch because a normal cow can’t keep up with producing about 25 liters of milk daily.

Here’s the thing!

Sahiwal cows can actually produce about 12-15 liters of milk every single day. And this number can even get as high as 18 liters sometimes when they start lactating.

Sahiwal Cow Milk Benefits

There are multiple health benefits when it comes to Sahiwal cow milk, and I’ll tell you all about them.

Blood Pressure

Sahiwal cow milk can actually support the management of blood pressure because of the potassium found in this milk.

Easily Digestible

Regular milk doesn’t have the proline component that the Sahiwal cow milk contains. And this component can easily stop BCM-7 from getting into our bodies.

But the Sahiwal cow milk is actually an A2 milk with such components, which prevents pregnant women from having digestive issues.

Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with losing weight, Sahiwal cow milk has got your back. This A2 milk can actually help you lose weight.

According to various studies, the linoleic acid in this milk helps with losing weight. And it also has less carbohydrate and fat than regular milk.

Improves Mood

If you are having issues with mood swings or you have mood disorders, like seasonal affective disorder, the Sahiwal cow milk is rich in vitamin D to help with that.

Improved Immune System

Sahiwal cow milk per day can actually help boost your immunological function because of its lack of a kind of casein component.

Mental and Physical Wellness

Consumption of Sahiwal cow milk per day doesn’t only come with physical advantages, but it also has a great effect on your mental health because of all the vitamins and minerals.


Drinking the Sahiwal cow every day can have a lot of health benefits, along with reducing the risk of diabetes.

This is because this milk can lessen the sensitivity to insulin, according to various studies.


As I have already mentioned, milk contains 8 grams of protein. And this milk is known to be a complete protein, which is obviously good for your health.

Reduces Swelling

Because of the lack of the casein component in the Sahiwal cow milk, you won’t be subjected to allergic reactions.

Quality Sleep

A glass of Sahiwal cow milk per night can actually help you sleep well and regulate your sleeping patterns.

No Drugs

A Sahiwal cow isn’t usually given any growth regulators or other injections for improved milk production. So it’s completely organic!


The Sahiwal cow milk is a really nutritious A2 milk. And so you can really take advantage of all the benefits of consuming Sahiwal cow milk per day to achieve overall improved health. 

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