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Ouji Fashion: What to Wear?

If you are into Japanese fashion, you must have heard about the up-and-coming fashion trend called the Ouji fashion. 

It is actually a type of masculine look that girls use things like ruffles, bows, and lace to add a touch of femininity. But men wear it too!

More than Japanese style!

In addition to the playful Japanese style that’s integrated into this fashion look, it also takes inspiration from the European nobility style of the 18th century.

And to add this vibe, the people in the Ouji fashion community style themselves with petticoats, knee-high socks, knee-length coats, and such clothing items.

But how does one accessorize themselves according to this fashion trend? I’ll tell you exactly how!


What we know as vests these days, people used to call them waistcoats way back when. And this clothing item has a very long history behind it.

People in the 17th century used to wear these waistcoats. Why? Well, they needed to keep their upper body warmer, which is what waistcoats did.

And they were also worn to protect other clothing items from getting filthy while working. But this is not why the Ouji fashion incorporates this accessory into their style.

It’s a fashion statement!

And it is actually all about the fabric as well. In this fashion from Japan, people wear waistcoats that are luxurious.

These waistcoats are made out of various luxurious and premium-quality fabrics that include satin, silk, and other fabrics.

Intricate adornments!

Yes, these waistcoats usually have embroidery, beading, or lace on them while being of various patterns and colors.

And people wear it over a blouse or shirt to make the look more elegant and sophisticated.

Ribbon Tie

Another accessory that gives the Ouji fashion an iconic look is ribbon ties. And these ribbon ties have their own kind of history as well.

Plus, they’re functional!

These ribbon ties can come in really handy for a couple of reasons. First off, people wear them on their waist, cinching the waist to make for an hourglass silhouette to make themselves look more feminine.

Other than that, people also wear ribbon ties around their collars to give themselves a price-like appearance, which is what this fashion is all about.

There’s more!

Some of the girls that are into this fashion trend put these ribbon ties up in their hair to make for a voluminous hairstyle.

Lace Choker

If a person who is into this fashion trend doesn’t wear clothing with a high collar, they are sure to be wearing lace chokers.

Again with the history!

Chokers go back as far as the Victorian era. People wore them to signify their wealth and high social status.

Back then, the chokers were usually made out of expensive and luxurious materials like gold and velvet.

Only for upper-class people!

Then, around the 1800s, this trend started to evolve and eventually became accessible enough for public use.

At that time, the lace chokers were more in style for their affordability. And now, Ouji Fashion integrates this fashion item into their outfits.

Bow Hair Clip

This fashion trend goes for a price-style look but with a hint of Japanese playfulness, as well as cuteness.

Thus, bow hair clips!

The use of this accessory adds a contrast to the masculine and traditional look this trend is about.

And so the addition of bow hair clips balances the look of this trend. Not to mention the aesthetic appeal it adds to the style.

Final Words

Ouji fashion, also known as the “prince fashion” or the “boyfriend style,” is a relatively new fashion trend a lot of Japanese people are into these days. It is actually a unique look that separates the people styling themselves this way from others.

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