What Is Fwog and How to Breed Fwog?

Imagine a world that you create and get to decide the rules of this world. This can be the escape you need from your boring life.

That is exactly why simulation games are so fun to play. And world-building simulation games are really popular.

Such a popular world-building simulation game is the My Singing Monsters franchise’s games My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Do you play?

Now both of these games have a Natural Monster named Fwog, which is actually a double-element monster.

And the question is, how to breed Fwog?

Don’t worry!

I’ll tell you how to breed Fwog and more about this Natural Monster in this article!

What Is Fwog?

As I have already mentioned earlier, Fwog is a double-element Natural Monster in the world-building simulation game My Singing Monsters.

What’s a Natural Monster?

Well, a natural monster in this game is actually a basic monster that you can see all over this game.

All Natural Monsters have different configurations of elements, which are single-element, double-element, triple-element, and quad-element Natural Monsters.

What’s a double-element Monster?

As Fwog is a double-element Monster, it means that it needs to be bred from two different single-element Monsters.

And usually, a double-element Monster can be easily bred 100 percent of the time without failure.

You can actually find a Fwog from Plant Island, which is a Natural Island available to all players first.

That’s not all!

There are two other kinds of Fwogs that you can breed or even buy, which are Rare Fwog and Epic Fwog.

How to Breed Fwog?

Depending on the type of Fwog, there might be some variations to how you breed this double-element monster.

I’ll explain all of them!

How to Breed Fwog: Natural Monster

natural fwog

The elements that Fwog has are actually water and earth, meaning you need a monster of the element water and another of the earth to breed a Fwog. 

So what monsters?

You can only water and earth-element monsters that can breed a Fwog are Nogging and Toe Jammer.

Here, Nogging has the earth element, and Toe Jammer has the water element. These two single-element monsters create Fwog this way:

Nogging (Single-Element) + Toe Jammer (Single-Element) = Fwog (Double-Element)

Within 30 minutes of breeding, you will get a Fwog! Now you have to know that Fwog doesn’t actually produce many coins as other monsters in the game.

How to Breed Fwog: Rare Monster

Rare Monster

A Rare Fwog is also a double-element monster, but it’s one of the Rare Monsters. This Rare Monster takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to breed.

And even as a Rare Monster, it does not produce many coins for a player in the My Singing Monsters game.

How to get it?

Well, you can get a Rare Fwog on your hands by either breeding it or buying it. And you can only do so on special occasions.

Just like with the Natural Monster Fwog, you need a Nogging and a Toe Jammer to breed Rare Fwog.

Here’s the twist!

If a regular Fwog breeding attempt fails, there is a chance that you can get a Rare Fwog instead.

And if you have a Rare Fwog and want to breed it with a regular Fwog, which is possible, you might get a Rare Fwog out of it.

So the equation:

Nogging (Single-Element) + Toe Jammer (Single-Element) = Rare Fwog (Double-Element)


Fwog (Double-Element) + Rare Fwog (Double-Element) = Rare Fwog (Double-Element)

How to Breed Fwog: Epic Monster

epic fwog

This double-element Epic Monster is also available for buying and breeding on special occasions only.

It takes 7 hours to breed an Epic Fwog, according to the island you’re on, these ways:

Plant Island:

Pummel (Triple-Element) + Furcorn (Double-Element) = Epic Fwog (Double-Element)

Air Island:

Scups (Triple-Element) + Pango (Double-Element) = Epic Fwog (Double-Element)

Water Island:

Reedling (Triple-Element) + Oaktopus (Double-Element) = Epic Fwog (Double-Element)

Bone Island:

Thrumble (Triple-Element) + Denchuhs (Double-Element) = Epic Fwog (Double-Element)


If you wanted to play the My Singing Monsters franchise’s games and had any questions about how to breed Fwog and what it is, now you know. So get to playing and start breeding this double-element Monster.


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