Quordle Answers: How to Play the Game?

I don’t know about you, but word games tend to really fascinate me. And I am always left wondering, did I get it right?

It’s intriguing, isn’t it?

If you are a word game enthusiast, you should have heard about the game Wordle, which went viral over Twitter.

But now, there is an even more difficult game that has given rise to more buzz among people over the internet, which is Quordle.

People are always looking to find out ways to know the daily Quordle answers from various sources. 

But guess what?

That’s not playing the game because that’s cheating!

So today, I will teach you how to play the game so you can find out the Quordle answers yourself.

What Is the Quordle Game?

If you have dabbled with Wordle before, you would understand that Quordle is actually a quadrupled construction of the game Wordle.

And to find out the daily Quordle answers, all you have to do is guess 4 of the different words, each of which has five letters.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Absolutely wrong! Finding out the right Quordle answers each day has actually been a really difficult task for many people around the world.

And that is exactly why they try to ask others, look it up on the internet, or find other ways to cheat.

Where’s the fun in that?

If you want to figure out the answer yourself, you just have to guess what the right letters are that need to fill the right spaces, which are marked by the game’s yellow, grey, and green tiles.

And unlike Wordle, you get nine chances to guess to figure out the correct answer to the daily challenges.

How to Play Quordle?

As you might have already guessed, you can easily understand how to play this game if you have already played Wordle before.

Haven’t played Wordle?

Well, don’t worry about that! I can easily guide you through understanding how you can play Quordle.

To make things easier, just know that you only need to make correct guesses for 4 of the 5-letter words you get challenged with daily.

You get 9 guesses!

But you also need to know that all of your guessed letters will also be counted in the 4-word puzzles.

So you should make up your strategy to use all of your information before you use up most of your guesses.

After that, you should try to figure out the real words that have the colored box hints. And if you win, you can share the results to flex!

Now, I will help you understand how these colored tile hints work:

Grey Tile:

The letters that you will find in these grey tiles will actually demonstrate that any specific letter won’t show up anywhere within the other words.

Yellow Tile:

And the letter you will see on these yellow tiles will mean that you’re right about those letters, but they are just not in the correct position.

Green Tile:

The hint that the green tiles give is that you have actually figured out the right letters, that too in the right place.

Tips to Find the Right Quordle Answers

Now I will give you a few tips that might help you win this game:

  • Use up 4 of your guesses to answer the entire puzzle and the rest to play safe.
  • Try to guess with more vowels
  • Play the practice mode more often
  • Make your best guesses first


Now that you know exactly how you can play the word game Quordle, which is just the more difficult version of Wordle, you can easily figure out the correct Quordle Answers daily. Just keep practicing to win!

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