Ocean Jokes and Puns You Will Shorely Enjoy

Some people think puns and dad jokes are pretty lame. But you have to appreciate the witty wordplay and the thought that goes into making them.

Sure, some people can’t always appreciate it if they have to hear these kinds of jokes from someone over and over again.

But that’s the fun of it!

You either share a good laugh, or you get to bother someone for fun. It is all harmless fun, after all, isn’t it?

So if you want to bother someone by telling them a lame joke, a dad joke, or simple puns, the ocean jokes and puns I have for you today might just make your day.

Ocean Jokes to Laugh at

Here are some hilarious ocean jokes that might make your day:

  • What is the hair texture of oceans? Wavy.


  • Why do you think the ocean keeps roaring? Crabs on the bottom? You’d roar as well!
  • What to call the ocean that has security cameras? Orwhaleian nightmare.
  • What type of music would sink down to the ocean’s bottom? Heavy rock.
  • What would octopuses like their toast with? Ocean current-jam.
  • What do you use to cun an ocean into two? Sea-saw.


  • Why do you think blind people like to eat fish from the ocean? It’s see-food.
  • What would Cinderella wear to swim into the ocean? Glass flippers.
  • Why do you think the Ocean is always blue? The shore doesn’t like to wave back, that’s why.
  • What would be a popular show inside the ocean? Whale of fortune.
  • Who does the cleaning in the ocean? Mer-Maid!


  • What tool do the creatures in the ocean use the most? Hammerhead shark.
  • Why do you think the fish in the ocean blush? They get to see the bottom of the ocean.
  • What would the ocean that’s filled with an orange soda and a Unicorn have in common? Both are FantaSeas.
  • A kid once said that he wished to swim in an ocean one day, any ocean would do. I asked if he could be a bit more Pacific.
  • Last week, I had a dream where I swam in an ocean that was filled with orange soda. Turns out it was only a FantaSea.


  • My brother said he will never scatter his sister’s ashes into the ocean. He remarked there was a lot of trash in the ocean already.
  • Why won’t Clams give out charity? They’re shellfish, that’s why.
  • What do you say about the fish that lives at the bottom? : Dropped outta school!
  • Who takes care of the operations done in the ocean? : A surgeon!
  • What to call it when someone throws their laptop in the deep ocean? : Adele, Rollin’ in the Deep!
  • What lullaby does the ocean love the most? : Roe, Roe, Roe Your Boat.
  • Why do you think the ocean is on time all the time? : She stays current!
  • Why will the ocean leave early from the party? : She was obviously tide.

mermeid party

  • Why do you think the ocean and the pond broke up?: The ocean thought she was too shallow.
  • Why do you think the ocean is upset with the land? It won’t wave back!
  • What kind of remedy helps the ocean safe from leaking out? The seals.
  • What twitches a lot and also lives in an ocean’s bottom? The nervous wreck.
  • What would you find if you wanted to cross the Atlantic Ocean sailing on the Titanic? Halfway.


  • What would the deepest portion of an ocean be? The bottom.

Final Words

Ocean jokes and puns are actually funny if you think about them long and hard. But if you don’t find them funny and find them irritating instead, you might fall victim to someone else irritating you with them.

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