FixMatka: Everything You Need to Know About the Popular Online Satta Matka Platform

Satta matka is a popular gambling game in India. It is a lottery game in which players place bets on the opening and closing numbers of a random number generator.

FixMatka is a popular online satta matka platform that offers a variety of features and benefits to its users. These features include:

  • A wide range of betting options: FixMatka offers a wide range of betting options, including single bets, multiple bets, and Jodi bets. This gives players the flexibility to choose the betting options that best suit their needs.
  • Live betting: FixMatka offers live betting on all satta matka markets. This allows players to place bets even after the game has started.
  • Competitive odds: FixMatka offers competitive odds on all satta matka markets. This means that players have a good chance of winning big.
  • Fast and secure payouts: FixMatka offers fast and secure payouts to its users. Players can withdraw their winnings within 24 hours of placing their bets.

How to use FixMatka

To use FixMatka, you need to create an account on the platform. You can create an account by visiting the FixMatka website and clicking on the “Register” button.

Once you have created an account, you can log in and start placing bets. To place a bet, you need to select the market you want to bet on and enter the amount you want to bet. Once you have entered your bet, click on the “Place Bet” button.

If you win your bet, your winnings will be credited to your account balance. You can then withdraw your winnings by clicking on the “Withdraw” button.

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Tips for winning at FixMatka

Here are a few tips for winning at FixMatka:

  • Do your research: Before placing any bets, it is important to do your research and understand the different markets and betting options available.
  • Start with small bets: When you are first starting out, it is best to start with small bets. This will help you to minimize your risk and learn the game.
  • Use a variety of betting options: Don’t just focus on one betting option. Try using a variety of betting options to increase your chances of winning.
  • Manage your bankroll: It is important to manage your bankroll carefully when playing satta matka. Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose.


FixMatka is a popular online satta matka platform that offers a variety of features and benefits to its users. It is a good option for players who are looking for a convenient and reliable way to play satta matka.


Q: What is the minimum deposit amount on FixMatka?

A: The minimum deposit amount on FixMatka is ₹100.

Q: What is the maximum withdrawal amount on FixMatka?

A: The maximum withdrawal amount on FixMatka is ₹1,000,000 per day.

Q: What are the different payment methods available on FixMatka?

A: The different payment methods available on FixMatka include UPI, Paytm, Google Pay, and bank transfer.

Q: What is the customer support like on FixMatka?

A: FixMatka offers 24/7 customer support. Players can contact customer support by phone, email, or live chat.

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