Industrial Groove Meets Acidic Dreams: Nguyen Duy Tri’s Acid Madness

Nguyen Duy Tri’s 2023 album, “Acid Madness,” is a sonic exploration that defies easy categorization. The title track, “Industrial Swag,” perfectly encapsulates the album’s essence: a fusion of industrial grit and psychedelic whimsy.

1. A Genre-Bending Masterpiece:

“Acid Madness” defies traditional genre labels. It seamlessly blends elements of industrial, electronic, and alternative music, creating a unique and captivating soundscape.

2. The Allure of “Industrial Swag”:

The opening track, “Industrial Swag,” sets the tone for the album. It features pulsating synth lines, distorted guitars, and Tri’s layered vocals, creating a sense of urgency and intrigue.

3. A Journey Through Diverse Sounds:

While “Industrial Swag” offers a taste of the album’s industrial edge, “Acid Madness” ventures into diverse sonic territories. Tracks like “Alternative Echoes” and “Caribbean Slide” showcase Tri’s versatility as a musician and composer.

4. Lyrical Exploration:

The album’s lyrics are equally diverse, ranging from introspective reflections to playful narratives. While specific details are scarce, Tri’s emotive delivery adds depth and emotional resonance to the music.

5. A Global Reach:

Despite being a Vietnamese artist, Tri’s music transcends geographical boundaries. The universal appeal of his music is evident in its availability on various international streaming platforms like Apple Music.

6. A Promising Future:

“Acid Madness” marks a significant step forward in Tri’s musical journey. His ability to blend diverse genres and create a cohesive listening experience positions him as an artist to watch in the years to come.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Acid Madness” is a compelling and unique musical experience. It pushes boundaries, challenges expectations, and leaves the listener wanting more. With its genre-bending soundscapes and introspective lyrics, “Acid Madness” is an album that deserves to be discovered by music lovers worldwide.


  • Is “Acid Madness” Nguyen Duy Tri’s only album?

No, “Acid Madness” was released in 2023, but Tri has other albums available, including “All For Love” and “Jungle of You.”

  • What genre is Nguyen Duy Tri’s music?

While “Acid Madness” is a genre-bending album, Tri’s music generally falls under the umbrella of electronic music, often incorporating elements of industrial, alternative, and other styles.

  • Where can I listen to “Acid Madness”?

The album is available on various streaming platforms, including Apple Music.

  • Is Nguyen Duy Tri Vietnamese?

Yes, Nguyen Duy Tri is a Vietnamese artist.

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