Best Greenwich Village Comedy Club to Seek Out

If you’ve ever been to Greenwich Village, you would know about the cultural reputation this place holds as its own home base for all kinds of arts performances.

Way before the 1950s!

So ever since a long time ago, this place has been known for being the source of all sorts of entertainment.

Back then, Greenwich Village was home to various famous clubs and cafes like The Gaslight, The Bitter End, and Gerde’s Folk City.

And now?

Well, now you can explore the best Greenwich Village Comedy Club and join in for a few lighthearted laughs.

So if you are hoping to visit these clubs, you ought to know which ones to look for, and that’s exactly what I’ll tell you about.

The Comedy Cellar

First off, I would like to recommend The Comedy Cellar, located at 117 MacDougal Street, which is one of the best Greenwich Village Comedy Club.

Amazing comedians!

The comedians who make the visitors enjoy their arrival are so good at their jobs that they are well on their way to a big break in their careers.

And even the best of the best come to the Cellar to perform. Personalities like Amy Schumer and Chris Rock have stopped by too.

Some of the best comedians get to hone their skills in this place. So if you want to be a part of the history of NYC Stand Up, you should definitely visit.

The Duplex

Since 1950, The Duplex has been around at 61 Christopher Street as one of the oldest and best cabarets in NYC.

And this place can offer something to everyone! You can visit its Piano Bar, which even allows for open-mic sessions every week after 9 pm.

But upstairs?

There is another kind of performance going on upstairs. It has got the biggest talents on the smallest stage. And they assert it’s where,

“art meets sexual revolution, and the outcome is one heck of a good time.”

That’s not all!

Aside from the Cafe and the Cabaret, there are also sing-a-longs, comedy, jazz, and dancing, going on all days of the year.

The Grisly Pear

Another one of the best Greenwich Village Comedy Club is situated at 107 MacDougal Street, called The Grisly Pear.

And The Girsly Pear is not only famous for being one of the best comedy clubs in Greenwich Village, but it is also a really well-known bar that everyone enjoys.

Classic NYC nightlife!

You can’t imagine the fun you can have taking in all the veterans and newcomers in comedy while sipping the best cocktails.

And this place even thrives because of its Open Mics and Karaoke. So you can get on the stage and show off too!

UCB East

Comedy is not always about stand-ups. You might be interested in another form of comedy, like sketches or improv!

Don’t you worry!

I got your back with the UCB East, situated at 153 E 3rd Street in New York City, which is not at all a place that holds the usual stand-up comedy acts.

Instead, this place keeps itself unique with old-fashioned improv art as well as other kinds of comedic sketches.

Used to be a theatre!

Greenwich Village Comedy Club

If you do come to Greenwich Village seeking some kind of comedic relief, you have to visit the Greenwich Village Comedy Club, which is located at 99 MacDougal Street.

Can’t have mentioned this place! It actually hosts the best of the best comedians you can ever dream of.

You can even see people who were featured on Comedy Central, TRUTV, and NBC, coming here to entertain the guests.

So you shouldn’t miss out on this one!


If you ever do end up in Greenwich Village, the Greenwich Village Comedy Club I mentioned today should be on your list as well for a quick visit, at the least. So if you want that comedic relief, sure do visit these clubs!

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