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Criss Cross Knotless Braids and How to Do Them Yourself

I love doing braids on my hair. It’s the most classic look ever, and just about anyone can pull it off. But the traditional braids are a bit damaging for the hair. And I already have bleached and damaged hair.

So what to do?

I have the perfect solution for people who, like me, want the elegance of braids but need to keep their hair healthier.

Criss cross knotless braids!

These kinds of braids don’t only look great, but they also damage your hair less than other kinds of hairdos. And these include fewer knots, too!

Today, I’ll tell you the benefits of criss cross knotless braids and give you the instructions so you can do them yourself.

Criss Cross Knotless Braids Advantages 

I know for a fact that criss cross knotless braids have a lot of benefits other than making you look good. Let me jump straight into it!

Tension on Scalp

Traditional braids are a bit harmful to the scalp. They can be so tight on your scalp that the tension caused by them can easily hurt you or lead to hair loss.

That’s a no-no!

On the other hand, knotless braids are a blessing! If you use this technique to braid your hair, there will be much less tension on your scalp as the tension gets distributed evenly throughout the scalp.

So you don’t have to suffer from too much damage to your scalp!


I have short hair, but I love having long braids. So I go through a lot of hair extensions for braiding my hair.

If you’re used to doing hair extensions, you know how tricky it gets to make these things look natural.

Not with knotless braids!

This unique technique blends your hair extensions with your real hair to give you a natural-looking finish.

However, I suggest you invest in high-quality hair extensions for your braids. Otherwise, seamless or not, the braid won’t look natural.


Just because I love longer braids doesn’t mean that I don’t do short ones. Criss cross knotless braids look amazing, even with short hair.

That’s right!

You can do these braids on a variety of hair lengths if you want to! So if you’re not into hair extensions and you have short hair, I say go for it.

And this type of braid can be done on different hair textures, too!


If you’re used to having traditional braids done on yourself, you know the pan it can come with, especially with longer hair.

But the Criss cross knotless braids are so much more comfortable in this regard. I wear them for weeks without any itchiness!

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How to Do Criss Cross Knotless Braids

If you’ve never tried this type of braid before, this is the time for your hair to shine, literally! I’ll tell you how it’s done:

  • Wash your hair before you start. And don’t forget to moisturize! I suggest you use a leave-in conditioner. Or you can just use oil, too!
  • As I’ve already mentioned, high-quality hair extensions are the way to go! And always make sure the extensions match your hair color and texture.
  • Use a rat-tail comb to section (small ones) your hair.
  • Now’s the time to braid! Take one of the small sections and divide them evenly into three smaller sections. Take the left section over the middle one, then take the right one over the middle. That’s how you start the braid!
  • After braiding the first sets, make a criss-cross pattern. To do this, you need to take the right section under the middle and then over the left. Keep repeating this pattern.
  • After the criss-cross pattern, braid the rest of your hair in a three-strand braid we all know and adore.
  • Go through all of the other sections on your head by braiding in this process.
  • Now style the braids as you like.

Final Word

The Criss cross knotless braids are much more comfortable, versatile, and less damaging for the scalp. And it gives you a sleek and trendy look! I, for one, can’t go back to traditional hair braids after learning about this technique. 

Try it! 

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