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Blogdodge: Is It Worth It?

We all want to enjoy the benefits of the internet. One of these is the online stores that let us buy different products from the comfort of our homes. We either use our phones or computers to buy any product we like online.

Yes, it’s fun!

However, there are some cons to online shopping as well. Like how sometimes, we get scammed!

It’s hard to identify which websites are scams are which are not, as there are so many types of scams running online these days.

For instance,

The Blogdodge website is very sketchy! There are so many red flags about the presence of this particular website.

Even though it offers great deals on clothing items and all of its products, I personally think it’s a scam website.

Let’s prove it!

Is Blogdodge a Scam?

There are a few things about this website that will give your weird tingles in your stomach if you look closely enough.

At first glance, it looks like a normal clothing store. But if you look for the signs, you will see how gimmicky this website is.

Owner’s Info

Any business owner who runs an online store will be proud to put their name on their website for either branding purposes or reliability.

Blogdodge, on the other hand, doesn’t share any detail at all about the owner of their website. Any genuine website would!

Big red flag!

This is basically hiding from people to save themselves from getting hit with any kind of consequences.

Duplicate Content

Copying the content is a huge no-no for any real company! No genuine brand or online store will ever attempt such a thing for its own sake.

Not Blogdodge!

All the content on this website has been taken from somewhere else and reused as its own. It’s not fooling anyone, though!

If I were you, I would steer clear of such a website because I can’t trust it with my money if the owner can’t even write a few words on their website.

Originality is not the issue here! The issue is that the owner of this website clearly didn’t care enough, making them unreliable.

Too Good to Be True!

Sometimes we do find things that look like they are too good to be true to be actually real. But that’s not the case here!

If you know anything about doing business, you have to know how people who are selling something need to make a profit while keeping their customers happy.

They have amazing deals!

That’s all good and everything for a customer. But how are they making any profit with these deals? And if they aren’t, then why even keep the store running?

Data Security

In this age of the internet and online presence, you need to have some sort of security when you build a website.

However, the Blogdodge website does not have any sort of security to guard itself. In fact, it even says it’s unsecure!

Social Media Presence

If you’ve ever clicked on a genuine online store, which I’m sure you have, you would know they have some sort of social media presence.

The social media presence or lack thereof of this website is a huge red flag. I mean, what store doesn’t even have a Facebook page in this era?

Real Scam

Even if you can ignore all these red flags about Blogdodge and buy something from there, you will face negative consequences.

People have come forward with their stories about shopping from here, and none of these stories are fun.

They are all tragic!

For example, many people have ordered something, spent their money on a good deal, and received the wrong product.

So no matter how great the deal looks, don’t fall into this trap!

The Verdict

Even if you can’t seem to control the urge to get a good deal, don’t waste your money on the Blogdodge website. You are more likely to be scammed than not. It’s simply not worth it!

Zayan Ali

Zayan Ali is an experienced blog writer with 3 years of expertise, known for captivating readers in diverse niches and being a sought-after online content creator.

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