Chocolate Fashion in Dubai Mall

You wouldn’t believe it till you see it, but Le Gourmet, Galeries Lafayette, which is right in the Dubai Mall, hosted a Chocolate fashion show on an extraordinary runway.

This runway show was actually just a part of Dubai’s Salon du Chocolat et de la Patisserie, which is a Parisian exhibition of chocolate, this May.

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Prominent female personalities like Rihanna and Marie Antoinette were the inspirations for such confectionery-created looks.

Various fashion students, who wear from Esmod Dubai, as well as chefs, made a collaboration to get these kinds of chocolate couture while taking some of the most famous personalities as their assigned muse.

For example, the look that was inspired by Frida Kahlo featured a Tehuana dress that was floor-lengthed. And this Mexican painter a well-known for this kind of dress. But the twist on this runway was that the dress was made of real white chocolate.

And the look that was inspired by Madonna took inspiration from her edgy fashion, featuring a piece of sculpture that had a complete cone bra of the opo star Jean Paul Gaultier

It was actually an event that went on for three days. And this runway show was precisely dedicated to being as chocolate-inclusive as possible.

This show was full of professional chocolatiers, tasters, cookbook authors, aficionados, pastry chefs, and various brands. All these people came together in celebration of the wonderland of chocolate.

The fashion show was not the only thing this event was limited to. You could find pastry shows, different competitions, and chocolate-making demonstrations there as well. And they even had a zone just for children.

The segments were led by multiple well-reputed chefs that were known for being in this field. This included people like Julien Jacob, who is Jumeirah Al Naseem’s executive pastry chef, Jeremy Le Moillex, who is Canonica’s chocolatier, and even Karim Bourgi, a man who was named to be Mena’s Best Pastry Chef.

There were other chefs there as well, like Sahar Al Awadhi, who is Burj Al Arab fame’s female pastry chef (Emirati), Dimitri Esposito, who is Jumeirah Al Qasr’s executive pastry chef, and even Abdellah Tougda who is the team Aalst’s chocolatier.

You could see these chefs preparing various kinds of sweet chocolate treats like chocolate puff waffles with coriander praline and clementine confit and peanut lollipop brownies, all of which sound delicious.

Aside from these workshops, all the visitors to this event could even take some of the chocolate pieces as samples as well as buy the chocolates from the different exhibitors that were on site. And over 50 of the various brands took part in this event.

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There was actually another highlight this event created that can’t go unmentioned, which was the Best Chocolate Showpiece contest. And this contest took place on the very last day of the event. In this contest, various chocolatiers went head-to-head, creating various displays of ornate chocolate.

If you don’t know this already, the Salon du Chocolat was actually founded in 1994 in Paris and has become an absolute favorite among chocolate enthusiasts. And these exhibitions take place all over the world, be it in Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, or New York.

After the successful event of the Salon du Chocolat Beirut hosted in the Middle East, the second city that hosted this event the last year was Dubai.

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