Mobile Legends x Attack on Titan: Epic Collaboration is Coming Soon!

Buy Mobile Legends diamonds effortlessly from U7BUY for an enhanced gaming experience. The famous Attack on Titan franchise and Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) have announced an exciting collaboration that has the gaming world excited. This information was made public via an announcement on the MLBB X page, demonstrating the game’s dedication to providing excellent collaborative experiences.

Moonton Games, known for its previous successful collaborations, including the MLBB x Neymar Jr endeavor in August 2023, continues to push boundaries. Fans’ excitement has only grown with the release of the highly anticipated official trailer for the MLBB x Attack on Titan (AOT) cooperation.

As previously reported, this cooperation promises to include anime-inspired MLBB skins featuring beloved characters like as Mikasa, Levi, and Eren from the Scout Regiment, all eager to make their mark in the Land of Dawn. Explore the nuances of this much awaited partnership in further detail to see what lies ahead.

The collaborative event between Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Attack Titan is expected to start on January 31, 2024. Starting on December 29, 2023, on the Advance Server, the MLBB x AOT combined event is anticipated to run for 31 days, maybe extending into the first week of March.

Although the Advance Server preview lacked specific in-game assets, such as skins and other rewards, it did unveil the champions set to receive the new Attack on Titan-inspired skins. So, which heroes are set to don these captivating Mobile Legends Bang Bang Attack on Titan collaboration skins?

The trio of Eren, Mikasa, and Levi, revered scouts from the Attack on Titan series, will become playable characters in MLBB. According to the official trailer, Yin will receive the Eren skin, Fanny Mains will have the opportunity to wield Mikasa’s skins, and the formidable Levi Ackerman will find his counterpart in Martis.

A particularly exciting feature of Yin’s Eren skin is the transformation of Lieh, Yin’s second form, into the Attack Titan—Eren’s Titan form—when the skin is actively in use.

What else awaits enthusiasts in this MLBB x AOT collaboration?

Upon the collaboration’s launch, players are encouraged to engage in lucky draws to secure special rewards. Single Draws come at the cost of 50 Diamonds, and players benefit from a 50% daily discount on their first draw of the day.

Furthermore, a 10% discount on 10x draws is available, requiring only 450 MLBB Diamonds—instead of the standard 500—for a chance to obtain exclusive skins. Participants are guaranteed to receive an exclusive skin from their initial 10x draw.

In addition to the hero skins, the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Attack on Titan collaboration introduces iconic elements from the Attack on Titan anime, including omnidirectional mobility gears, compressed gas cylinders, and single-edged blades. As the collaboration unfolds, players are advised to save up their diamonds to secure these remarkable in-game additions. For more game items, be sure to visit U7BUY to grab them!

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