Arch Motorcycle: A Passion Project, Not a Public Company

Arch Motorcycle, the high-end custom motorcycle company co-founded by actor Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, has garnered significant attention for its unique designs and celebrity association. However, unlike publicly traded companies with readily available financial information, Arch Motorcycle’s net worth is not publicly disclosed.

1. Privately Held:

Arch Motorcycle is a private company, meaning its financial information is not required to be publicly available. Unlike publicly traded companies, they are not obligated to disclose their earnings, revenue, or net worth.

2. Limited Production:

Arch focuses on crafting a limited number of high-end, custom motorcycles. This exclusivity keeps production costs high and limits the potential for widespread financial information.

3. Focus on Quality and Customization:

The company prioritizes meticulous design, high-quality materials, and extensive customization options, making direct comparisons to mass-produced motorcycles challenging.

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4. Revenue Streams:

While specific figures are unavailable, Arch likely generates revenue through the sale of its custom motorcycles, potentially supplemented by merchandise or service offerings.

5. Keanu Reeves’ Involvement:

The involvement of Keanu Reeves, a renowned actor, undoubtedly brings significant brand recognition and media attention to Arch Motorcycle. However, separating the financial impact of his involvement from the company’s independent performance is difficult.

6. Future Growth:

While the company’s current net worth remains undisclosed, there are indications of potential growth. Arch has expanded its model lineup and established a dedicated customer base, suggesting a sustainable business model.


While the exact net worth of Arch Motorcycle remains under wraps, the company has carved a distinctive path in the motorcycle industry. Their focus on quality, customization, and a passionate approach has garnered a loyal following and established a strong brand identity. While the financial specifics remain private, Arch Motorcycle’s dedication to its craft and potential for future growth are undeniable.


  • Q: How much does an Arch Motorcycle cost?

A: Due to their custom nature and limited production, Arch Motorcycles don’t have a publicly available price list. However, estimates suggest their base price starts around $75,000, with the final cost increasing based on individual customization choices.

  • Q: Can I buy stock in Arch Motorcycle?

A: No, as Arch Motorcycle is a private company, their shares are not available for public purchase.

  • Q: Where can I learn more about Arch Motorcycles?

A: You can visit their official website for information on their models, customization options, and company philosophy.

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