Anthony Levandowski Net Worth Falling to Negative $20 Million

Investing in your own business is a scary thing to do, isn’t it? What if it doesn’t work? What if it’s a failure? Or what if I go bankrupt?

Even though the struggle for success has kept many of us awake at night, not everyone can actually achieve it.

But what do you do if you do end up becoming successful, only to face bankruptcy? Well, that was the case of Anthony Levandowski.

And now, Anthony Levandowski Net Worth is estimated to be about negative 20 million dollars as of now.

Isn’t that crazy?

I will tell you all about how a greatly successful person can come crashing down to such a low.

Who Is Anthony Levandowski

This American-French man was born in the center of Europe, which was in Brussels, Belgium, on 15th March 1980.

Anthony Levandowski is the son of an American businessman, his father, and a French diplomat, his mother.

He got to live a life where steep influences and cultures blended together. But that was just his early life.

When he became a teenager, his life took a real turn by moving to the state of California with his parents.

After he was done with his academic journey, he went head-first into the operations research and industrial engineering world.

Eventually, he made his way to become an engineer and businessman who made huge strides in the autonomous vehicles world.

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth Falling for Legal Issues

Some major legal challenges that Anthony Levandowski had to face marked his career in the wrong way.

He became involved with a civil lawsuit, which was really high-profile in nature, Waymo vs Uber, in the year 2017.

And this lawsuit stated that he allegedly downloaded 9.7 GB of Waymo’s confidential files and traded secrets before resigning from Google.

These files had various delicate designs and blueprints that apparently Anthony Levandowski took with him at Uber.

Settled in 2018, this lawsuit made Uber pay Waymo about 245 million dollars in equity, and Uber also had to agree not to use the technology.

That’s not all!

Anthony Levandowski, yet again, faced legal issues in 2019, and by the Department of Justice, he was indicted on 33 federal changes.

He stole trade secrets allegedly from Waymo. As he pled guilty, he got sentenced to about 18 months in prison and had to pay $756,500 in restitution to the Waymo company as well as a fine of $95,000.

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth Falling for Bankruptcy

As one could guess, all the legal issues related to this man took a toll on Anthony Levandowski’s financial status.

In the year 2020, he apparently breached his Google employment contract as he poached some of the employees there for Otto, his startup.

Because of this breach of contract, he had to pay Google about $179 million, which impacted Anthony Levandowski Net Worth significantly.

So he ended up filing for bankruptcy protection because of his financial burden. It was a really low point in regard to Anthony Levandowski Net Worth.

In 2022, he saw some hope worth the agreement between him, Uber, and Google, where he owed between 25-30 million dollars.

It wasn’t enough!

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth used to be between 50-100 million dollars, but that took a huge turn because of the lawsuit that made him pay $179 million.

After declaring bankruptcy, all that was left of this net worth was actually a negative 20 million dollars.

Even though he is slowly recovering, it is not what is used to be!


After having to go through such legal issues, lawsuits, and huge payments to Google the Anthony Levandowski Net Worth had sunken as low as a negative 20 million dollars at the end.

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