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I love all things horror, and if you can blend in dark comedy and fantasy with that, I am all ears. And eyes too! Because I would want to watch that show.

Okay, enough rambling!

What I was trying to say is that I have always loved The Addams Family and all its supernatural dark humor.

And Wednesday has always been my favorite character. So it’s safe to say I was absolutely thrilled when I heard they were going to make her own series.

As much as I would like to endlessly ramble on about Wednesday, I am actually here to talk about another character from that show that sparked an interest in me.

Ajax, Wednesday, intriguing character! Now I will tell you all about this character from the TV series Wednesday.

Ajax: Wednesday

Apart from Wednesday Addams, another one of the main characters in the show is Enid Sinclair. And Ajax is her boyfriend, who is also another main character.

Let me rewind!

When Wednesday first came to Nevermore, Enid was her tour guide, and she was showing Wednesday around and telling her about all the different cliques.

That’s when Enid pointed at Ajax. Wednesday was not interested in anyone there, including Enid.

I’m off-subject again!

Ajax always seemed to wear the usual uniform of Nevermore while sporting a hoody under his blazer in the same color as the uniform.

And he is known for always wearing a beanie. This is to hide the dangerous hair of his for the safety of others and his own.

He didn’t appear much in the first two episodes, but in the third, he was volunteering with Enid in Uriah’s Heap, where she was flirting with him.

He didn’t notice!

So Enid womaned up and asked him out. However, as he is actually a gorgon who can turn people into stone, this is important; he went to shower before the date.

And when he got out of the shower, he looked into the mirror, and well, you can already guess what happened next.

He got turned into stone!

Then, he didn’t show up for the date and avoided Enid because he was embarrassed about the entire situation.

He did, however, go to the Rave’N with a different girl. But when he saw Enid being bullied, he saved the day and ended up telling her the truth.

They kissed!

Ajax started out as a shy and introverted kid whose character reality developed after associating with Enid.

Even though he didn’t have much of people skills, he showed enough courage to own up to his mistakes to Enid.

That’s not all, though!

As he was a part of the Nightshade Society, he was there to see all the turns of events. He even helped out Wednesday to expose Tyler Galpin as the Hyde by helping to chain him up.

Even though he did tell her to Larisss Weems, which got her expelled, he really showed up when Enid needed him.

Enid wasn’t scared of him!

And that’s what helped him in coming to terms with being a gorgon. He was there to support Enid after she wolfed out for the first time.

Although it was out of his comfort zone, he not only helped with Tyler’s interrogation but also helped all the other students get to safety before Crackstone resurrected.

He showed true bravery for being someone who once stayed away from most social interactions.


Ajax Wednesday, is one of the main characters of the hit TV series Wednesday. And he started out as a shy kid who ended up showing his bravery and affection for his friends and girlfriend. I really think he will become really important in the next season.

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