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Andres Tovar and His Relationship Drama

Mexican soaps are most of the time filled with dramatic views of life. Honestly, the drama in these soaps never ceases to exist.

But the life of a Mexican TV producer, media personality, and filmmaker named Andres Tovar seems nothing short of a drama, either.

How so?

The relationships he has been in have undoubtedly caused some drama in his life, from his former wife, Claudia Martin, to his present wife, Maite Perroni.

Today, I will tell you all there is to know about Andres Tovar as well as his relationship drama that caused a media stir.

Who Is Andres Tovar?

Born on September 3 in the year 1993, he was born and raised in Mexico. He is famous for his work as a Mexican filmmaker and producer because he has honed great skills.

While holding a Virgo zodiac sign, there isn’t much information on where Tovar finished his education. 

Even though some sources do say he is indeed a graduate of a well-established institute, he never really revealed anything himself.

His best work?

Tovar has produced many famous TV shows like The Sun Rises for Imagen Televisión. Apart from that, he’s also produced shows like Doctor Visit and Step on.

Producing is not the only skill he has up his sleeves, as he has also dabbled in writing, directing, and even worked as a casting director on various shows like Gossip Girl: Acapulco, Chloroform, and Heroes of the North.

Even outside of Mexico!

Yes, this man even produced a really popular series, Tell Me a Story, which was actually a psychological horror show.

He documents his life regularly on Instagram, where he has 245,000 followers at the time of writing this.

And his family?

Tovar was, after all, born into a Mexican family. But details on his father, mother, brother, sister, and other members of his family are not available.

However, according to some sources, he comes from a really good family, and his entire family and all its members believe in Christianity.

It is possible that he might have a mixed ethnicity. But his childhood was spent in a happy and positive environment, and he was an active child.

Andres Tovar Relationships

Tovar was in a deeply romantic relationship with a well-known actress Claudia Martin. They became really good friends when they first met.

Eventually, their friendship grew into something more within a few years, which led to them getting married in 2019. They had a lovely ceremony as well.

Not all marriages work!

Within the first couple of months into their marriage, things became not so good. So they ended up separating their paths.

However, they did not file for their divorce right then. Instead, they wanted to have some time to find themselves as well as give each other some time.

Around that time, Tovar was suspected of having an affair with the actress Maite Perroni. But he hadn’t divorced Claudia Martin yet.

And the drama began!

When these allegations hit the media, Tovar actually announced how he and his then-wife were separated and were getting a divorce.

He also mentioned that Maite Perroni was not the cause of their divorce. But Claudia said they separated because her husband was cheating on her.

However, Maite Perroni claimed that she entered a relationship with Tovar after both their marriages ended.

Claudia kept accusing!

So Maite Perroni filed a shocking defamation lawsuit against her!

Eventually, the rumors subsided, and Perroni and Tovar got married in the year 2022. And very recently, they had a child.


The life of the Mexican TV producer known as Andres Tovar was not limited to all the achievements he acquired in his field of work. Various scandals surrounding his relationship were also a part of his life.

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