A Dreamy Ascent: Nguyen Si Kha’s Castle of Sky

Nguyen Si Kha’s 2022 album, “Always August,” holds a collection of electronic pieces that transport the listener to otherworldly realms. Amongst these gems, “Castle of Sky” shines brightly, offering a unique blend of introspective tranquility and ethereal beauty.

1. A Journey Through Tranquility:

“Castle of Sky” unfolds as a sonic journey, gradually building a soundscape of serenity. Gentle piano melodies intertwine with soft pads and subtle percussion, creating a calming and introspective atmosphere.

2. Ethereal Soundscapes:

The track incorporates elements of ambient music, characterized by its focus on evoking mood and atmosphere rather than following a traditional structure. This allows the listener to fully immerse themselves in the dreamy soundscapes crafted by Si Kha.

3. A Glimpse of Hope:

Despite its calm nature, “Castle of Sky” is not devoid of emotion. The subtle rise and fall of the melody, combined with the occasional use of minor chords, hint at a sense of longing or hopefulness.

4. Minimalism with Depth:

The beauty of “Castle of Sky” lies in its simplicity. Si Kha utilizes a limited number of elements but meticulously arranges them to create a piece that is both captivating and emotionally resonant.

5. A Cohesive Album Experience:

“Castle of Sky” doesn’t exist in isolation on “Always August.” It seamlessly blends with the other tracks, contributing to the album’s overall theme of introspective journeys and sonic exploration.

6. A Piece for Contemplation:

“Castle of Sky” is an ideal piece for quiet moments of reflection. Whether seeking relaxation or simply wanting to appreciate the beauty of minimalist electronic music, this track offers a unique and rewarding listening experience.


Nguyen Si Kha’s “Castle of Sky” is a captivating and immersive sonic experience that transcends the boundaries of electronic music. Through its minimalist approach and ethereal soundscapes, the track fosters a sense of serenity and introspection, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.


  • Is “Always August” the only album by Nguyen Si Kha?

No, while “Always August” was released in 2022, Si Kha has other albums available, including his debut “Midnight Flight” and “Echoes of the City.”

  • What genre is Si Kha’s music?

While “Castle of Sky” leans towards ambient music, Si Kha’s music generally falls under the umbrella of electronic music, often incorporating elements of downtempo, ambient, and chillwave.

  • Where can I listen to “Always August”?

The album is available on various streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

  • What other artists have a similar sound to Nguyen Si Kha?

If you enjoy the atmospheric and introspective quality of “Castle of Sky,” you might also enjoy artists like Boards of Canada, Tycho, and Bonobo.

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