Stanton B2B Website and Its Benefits

When you decorate the interior of your home, you want to do it with the best pieces of furniture that you can get your hands on.

Carpets too!

And the Stanton Carpet Corporation, which is based in New York, is one of the best carpet suppliers that even provides custom LVP and rugs.

You can’t argue with the quality of these carpets. They can provide you with custom rugs with the color and style you want to match the interior of your home.

But I’m not here to talk about that. I want to note that the Stanton Carpet Corporation has launched the Stanton B2B website.

Now I’ll tell you how the company can benefit from this type of website.

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Reaching Potential Customers 

Stanton Carpet used to sell its products to consumers. But with the help of the Stanton B2B website, they can reach out to customers globally.

How so?

Using an e-commerce website like a B2B website can help any business to work towards gaining global customers at any given time.

Because of these kinds of e-commerce websites, companies like Stanton Carpet can get their hands on new stores, product catalogs, divisions, and geographies.

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Faster Fulfillment of Orders

With the help of the Stanton B2B website, this company can fulfill its order processes faster than it ever could.

How, though?

Because of this kind of e-commerce website, this corporation gets access to a modern platform of cloud-based e-commerce, which it can use to process and track its orders and inventory.

And this platform even has systems to manage each of the orders, which is actually a built-in system to make order fulfillment faster.

Better Analytic Insights

If you can combine various business software, such as CRM, PIM, ERP, and Procurement, among others, you can get an in-depth perspective on your business.

This is what Stanton B2B helps the Stanton Carpet Corporation do! Because of all this software, this company can get instantaneous insight into everything so that it can make the right choices to manage the activities of the business.

Customer-Centric Support

A user-friendly platform is what sells products the most nowadays. With the right kind of customer service, you can increase your revenue, as you can offer a nice experience for your users, which is what the Stanton B2B website does.

This is because consumers research a product or service before they even think of buying them these days. And you can only get that done with a B2B website.

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Get Repeat Customers

Any business would love to get repeat customers to buy its products as much as possible. But the business has to be attractive enough to be able to do so.

Not just through products!

With the help of the Stanton B2B website, this corporation can keep track of all the repeat customer purchases, as well as the activities of an ongoing customer.

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Improving Sales Engagement

If you use the help of an e-commerce website like the Stanton B2B website, it will give you, and your sales team improved visibility when it comes to customer history, pricing, and orders.

The Stanton B2B website even allows the company access to an order tracking feature, along with an automated feature for managing orders.

This helps with transparency, better customer experience, and even faster delivery.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Customers get more and more emails for buying products these days. And they don’t usually open these emails. 

But a B2B website helps a business to show off its expertise and past success, which helps it get potential buyers.


The Stanton Carpet Corporation gets to take advantage of some of the most amazing benefits of using the Stanton B2B website. This company had the wits to invest in such an e-commerce website, and it serves it well.

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