A Journey Through Tempo: Speed of Hymn by Nguyen Duy Tri 2023

Nguyen Duy Tri’s 2023 album, “Acid Madness,” is a sonic exploration that traverses various musical landscapes. Among its diverse tracks lies “Speed of Hymn,” a song that stands out for its unique approach to tempo and rhythm.

A Duality of Speed

“Speed of Hymn” presents a fascinating interplay between contrasting tempos. The song opens with a slow and deliberate pace, setting a contemplative mood. This initial tranquility is gradually upended by bursts of frenetic energy, creating a sense of tension and dynamism.

A Hypnotic Groove

Despite the contrasting tempos, the song manages to maintain a cohesive groove. The slow sections feature a hypnotic bassline and atmospheric synths, which provide a foundation for the faster sections’ energetic drum patterns and distorted guitars.

Genre-Bending Experimentation

Similar to other tracks on “Acid Madness,” “Speed of Hymn” defies easy genre classification. It incorporates elements of electronic music, rock, and even hints of traditional Vietnamese music, creating a unique sonic tapestry.

A Narrative Through Tempo

The contrasting tempos in “Speed of Hymn” can be interpreted as representing a narrative journey. The slow sections could symbolize introspection or reflection, while the faster sections might depict moments of urgency or action. This interplay allows listeners to create their own interpretation of the song’s narrative arc.

A Captivating Soundscape

Regardless of its specific meaning, “Speed of Hymn” undeniably captivates listeners with its unique soundscape. The unexpected shifts in tempo, the blend of contrasting genres, and the overall energy create an engaging and thought-provoking listening experience.


“Speed of Hymn” stands out as a testament to Nguyen Duy Tri’s artistic experimentation and his ability to craft captivating soundscapes. The song’s unique use of tempo and genre-bending tendencies leave a lasting impression, inviting listeners on a journey of their own creation.


  • Q: What makes “Speed of Hymn” unique on the “Acid Madness” album?

A: The song’s use of contrasting tempos, from slow and deliberate to fast and energetic, creates a dynamic and captivating listening experience.

  • Q: What genre is “Speed of Hymn”?

A: The song resists easy categorization, blending elements of electronic music, rock, and even hints of traditional Vietnamese music.

  • Q: What does the contrasting tempo in “Speed of Hymn” represent?

A: While open to interpretation, the contrasting tempos could symbolize a narrative journey, with slow sections reflecting introspection and faster sections depicting urgency or action.

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