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Pooh in Korea Net Worth, Boyfriend, Bio, Age, and Family

Before the internet age, people used to look for entertainment in stuff like movies, TV, various events, and other things.

People still do those, but the main source of entertainment these days is the many different social media platforms.

Don’t you agree?

Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, and others are the most used platforms nowadays.

And there are so many influencers people love and follow. But not everyone can get famous through these platforms.

Only the people who seem the most authentic and genuine with great content get followed and loved.

Pooh in Korea is one such social media influencer, and I am going to tell you all about her today.

Pooh in Korea Age and Bio


Name  Poonam Naruka
Nickname  Pooh 
Birthday  17th March 1995
Age  27
Nationality  Italian 
Birth Place Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Home Town Turin, Italy
Religion  Hinduism, Christianity
Origin  India 
Net Worth 2023 311k USD


The real name of Pooh in Korea is actually Poonam Naruka. She was actually born on August 17th in the year 1995, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

However, she was brought up in Turin, Italy. And on December 18 in the year 2018, she moved to South Korea.

When it was time for her higher education, Poonam went to Gwangju, South Korea, in 2019 and studied a Korean language course at Chonnam National University (CNU).

That’s not all!

For her Master’s degree, she went to Universita’ Degli Studi Di Torino, Turin, Italy, to get a degree in Pharmacy.

And did you know that she actually went to the University of Cambridge to get a semester course?

Her career?

Her profession is actually in the pharmaceutical field. But even though her career as a pharmacist thrived, she joined YouTube and became famous.

After earning a lot of money from YouTube, she got a dog of the Poodle breed for KRW 400,000 Won. She named the dog Mong Mong.

Isn’t that cute?

This Indian-Italian woman joined YouTube in 2018, creating vlog content on her daily life, food, and culture, and she became really famous.

And at the time of writing this, she actually has 3.43 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 400 million views.

She even has 784k followers on her Instagram handle!

Pooh in Korea Net Worth

Poonam earns from her job as a pharmacist, her YouTube channel, and modeling. She earns between 24 to 36 lakh Indian rupees yearly.

Her net worth as of 2023 is estimated at around 2.57 crore in Indian rupee, which actually translates to about 311 million U.S. dollars.

And every single month, she earns 2 to 3 lakh Indian rupees on average from her income sources.

From YouTube, she earns about 2k to 3k U.S. dollars every single month, from her 20 to 25 million monthly views.

Pooh in Korea Boyfriend and Family

Although Poonam is not married at the moment, she has been dating someone for quite a while. And the name of her boyfriend is Kris. She is even really close with Kris’s family.

The name of Poonam’s mother and father have not been disclosed on the Internet. But her mother has made special appearances on her YouTube channel.

She even has two brothers named Ajay Naruka and Abhay Naruka, one of whom gifted her iPhone 14 recently. And they really adore her and support her.


Poonam Naruka is the woman behind the YouTube channel named Pooh in Korea, so her nickname is Pooh. This Indian-Italian social media influencer has made a name for herself by creating fantastic video content.

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