Maev Dog Food: My Review

Food is more than just something you enjoy. It can be the cause of your good health and a happier life.

Same for dogs!

You might love looking at your dog cutely chomping at their food, looking satisfied. I know I do! But the food they are eating can determine a lot for them and their well-being.

This is exactly why it is so important to invest in the right kind of dog food. Otherwise, you might have to end up at the vet more often than you would like to go.

I trust Maev Dog Food!

This dog food provides my dog with all the nutrients she needs to grow healthily while being satiated.

So, today, I will tell you all about Maev Dog Food and why I chose it for my dog.

About Maev Dog Food

As I’m talking about raw dog food, you are going to want to know how the manufacturers produce the Maev Dog Food.

So who makes it?

The CEO and founder of the Maev company is Katie Spies. And her story is actually very endearing.

She adopted a dog, George, and wanted to give him the best. But she realized that most of the dog foods out there didn’t give George the nutrition he needed.

So she made it herself!

And that is how the company started. From Austin, Texas, she services people with her subscription-based packages and delivers high-quality pet food for both cats and dogs.

Maev Dog Food: Ingredients

Maev Dog Food has one single recipe for the raw food they sell. So, even though it’s great for me, it might not be perfect for you.

This is why you should take a look at the ingredients to check for yourself whether they are good enough for your furry friend.

USDA Chicken

The main ingredient of this dog food is this chicken, which is great for your dog as it’s certified to be organic. This primary raw lean protein can give your dog the right amount of iron and amino acids. 

And the chickens are raised without any doses of harmful additives or antibiotics to ensure your dog’s health.

Chicken Liver

This is another one of the high-quality ingredients that are great for your dog’s digestive system. This is because the chicken liver has selenium in it, which is highly beneficial for your dog’s health.

It’s a mineral that can prevent or even manage various cardiovascular diseases. Plus, if your dog has high cholesterol, this mineral will help manage it.

Chicken Gizzard

Another great ingredient is the chicken gizzard in this raw dog food. It provides your dog with sufficient vitamins, such as B12.

Vitamin B12 is great for your dog’s brain function, and it even aids in forming white blood cells. Also, there’s riboflavin in chicken gizzard that helps maintain the health of your dog’s coat by improving the skin.


As far as fiber goes, potatoes are amazing for dogs. The fiber in potatoes can help with your dog’s digestion while preventing them from overheating.

Moreover, potatoes are a great source of antioxidants, which is essential to keep diseases at bay.

Green Beans

Your dog needs greens too! And green beans have a lot of vitamin K in them to give your dog the nutrition they need.

And your dog will get a lot of calcium to keep their bones protected by eating the green beans in this dog food.

Chicory Root Probiotics and Zucchini

This dog food has chicory root probiotics to keep the inside of your dog’s gut as healthy as possible.

And another green vegetable this dog food includes is zucchini, which also contains natural antioxidants.

Plus, zucchini can help with your dog’s digestion, cardiovascular system, and vision.

Kale, Blueberries, and Peanut Butter

First of all, kale contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin K, and others.

A bit of peanut butter won’t only make the dog food tastier, but it will also provide your dog with a bit of plant-based fibrous protein.

Lastly, blueberries also have a high amount of natural antioxidants to fight the free radicals in your dog’s body.

The Verdict

Maev Dog Food is great for almost every dog, and it has served my dog very well, to say the least. But I should warn you that you must look into the ingredients and consult your vet to check if these ingredients are not harmful to your dog.


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