Day Parting: A Masterclass in Emotions by Nguyen Duy Tri Wait for Winter, 2022

Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Wait for Winter” (2022) is a captivating piece that showcases the power of day parting in music production. Dayparting, a technique often used in marketing and advertising, refers to tailoring content to specific times of the day. In music, it translates to composing based on the emotional landscape of different parts of the day. Let’s delve deeper into how Tri uses dayparting to create a masterpiece.

Sunrise Tranquility

The initial moments of “Wait for Winter” establish a sense of serenity, mirroring the quietude of sunrise. Delicate piano melodies and understated percussion create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long night or easing into a new day.

Daytime Musings

As the piece progresses, the mood subtly shifts. The introduction of light strings and woodwinds evokes a contemplative ambiance, ideal for introspective thoughts or creative endeavors that flourish during daylight hours.

Afternoon Energy

The tempo picks up slightly in the middle section, infusing the music with a touch of optimism. This brighter soundscape aligns with the increased energy levels typically associated with the afternoon.

Sunset Nostalgia

As the piece transitions towards its latter half, a sense of gentle melancholy emerges. The use of minor chords and warmer tones reflects the introspective mood that often sets in as the day draws to a close.

Nighttime Longing

The final section takes a more introspective turn. Slower tempos and melancholic melodies paint a picture of longing, mirroring the quieter emotions that tend to surface at night.


Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Wait for Winter” serves as a testament to the effectiveness of day parting in music production. By meticulously crafting the soundscape to correspond with the emotional fluctuations throughout the day, Tri creates a deeply immersive and relatable listening experience. Whether you’re unwinding at dawn or reflecting under the night sky, “Wait for Winter” has a section that resonates with the emotional tenor of the moment. So next time you listen to music, pay attention to how the composition aligns with the time of day. You might be surprised by how the music enhances your mood and deepens your connection to the artist’s vision.


  • What is day parting in music production?

Day parting is a technique where music is composed based on the emotional landscape of different times of the day.

  • How does “Wait for Winter” use day parting?

The piece starts with serene melodies for sunrise, transitions to contemplative strings for daytime, infuses the middle section with afternoon energy, and ends with melancholic tones for nighttime longing.

  • What is the benefit of day parting in music?

Day parting allows composers to create music that resonates more deeply with listeners by aligning the music with the emotions typically associated with different parts of the day.

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