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1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Push-Ups?

Are you a gym freak? Or are you someone who does their own thing at home? Or are you just starting to exercise?

Whatever it is, you must know the benefits of working out. It is not only great for our health, but it can also have a huge positive effect on our mental health.

It’s refreshing!

The thing is, if you are like me and work out at home, you might have a lot of questions about certain things, like:

1 minute plank is equivalent to how many push-ups?

Don’t you worry! Today I’m here to tackle this question and give you all the answers you have been searching for.

1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Push-Ups?

Planks are known to be tough yet give you results. They are great for you if you want to strengthen the core of your body. 

On the other hand, 

If you do push ups properly and regularly, it can help build the muscles of your upper body in the long run.

So if both of these workout methods have different results, how can you expect them to have any sort of similarities?

I’ll tell you how!

The thing is, when you take out the downward and upward movement from the equation of pushups, it becomes a lot more similar to doing planks.

So now you might want to know, 1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Push-Ups?

The straight answer is,

If you do one-minute planks, it could easily serve you what about 30 pushups can. But these two are still very different forms of exercise from one another.

Planks will help you build the muscles in your abdomen, whereas push ups help build the muscles in your chest, core, shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

What’s common here?

Obviously, building your core muscles is what’s common between these two exercises! But doing pushups can work with a lot of other muscles in your body.

Would Planks Replace Doing Pushups?

The simple answer is no! But there are a lot of other factors that come into play when you are trying to replace doing pushups with planks.

What if you can’t do push ups? Yes, that’s a thing! Not everyone is good at or can even do push ups properly.

Planks are your friend!

You won’t get similar results with plants that you would with doing pushups, that’s for sure. But if you would get some of the benefits.

You stay in the same position when doing around 30 pushups, just like you would when doing a 1-minute plank.

Planks won’t replace push ups!

If you want to build your upper body muscles, you can’t get it done by just doing planks. It’s the job of pushups, after all!

This is because doing push ups will train the muscles in your upper body, like your triceps, biceps, and other muscles.

But not planks!

Planks only train your core muscles! This is why doing planks and doing push ups are not the same thing.

Which Is Better? Push Ups or Planks?

Deciding which one of the two forms of exercise is better for you regarding pushups and planks is completely up to you.

Your fitness goals!

Depending on what kind of fitness goal you are working yourself so hard for, you can decide whether push ups are better than planks or vice versa.

If you want to burn more calories, planks have nothing on pushups! But if your goal is to burn more of your abdominal fat, then planks are your best friend.


1 Minute Plank Is Equivalent to How Many Push-Ups? It’s a very tricky question as both of these forms of exercise are not going to bring the same results. But in terms of burning calories, you can do roughly 30 pushups instead of a one-minute plank.

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