Floating Aquarium Plants: All About The Benefits

I have an aquarium, and I didn’t think to add live aquarium plants at first. Then, I heard about all the benefits floating aquarium plants have.

They look beautiful!

Floating aquarium plants like Duckweed, Java moss, Anacharis, Floating Fern, Subwassertang, and others can make your aquarium look livelier.

At first, I was skeptical about getting them. I thought they would need a lot of maintenance and care as they are not plastic. 

But that’s not true!

They are not only easy to maintain, but they keep my tank cleaner! I have to clean the tank even less than I had to before.

If you’re also thinking about getting these plants, I will give you all the information you need to take the step.

Benefits of Floating Aquarium Plants

There are a lot of floating plants you can put in your aquarium tank. But do you know the benefits of doing so?

I’ll tell you!

Stabilizes the Water Chemistry

Like the give-and-take ecosystem we humans have with trees and other plants on the land, these floating aquarium plants and your fishes have the same kind of ecosystem.

How so?

These plants are, after all, well, plants! So they also need proper sunlight, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients to thrive.

The additional component for them is the water they need to survive. But these plants also create oxygen that gets dissolved into the water of your tank.

Fishes need oxygen!

So the pet fish in your tank gets to absorb this oxygen from the water through their gills. In other terms, they breathe it in.

This oxygen can create a better environment for your fish! After all, they need their hit of oxygen to survive. 

That’s not all!

As I’ve already mentioned, these free-floating plants need nutrients. How do they get it? From the fish, of course!

The food your fish doesn’t eat and their poop leave ammonia, phosphates, nitrates, and other kinds of organic molecules in the tank.

The plants need those!

So these plants take in these molecules as their nutrients and keep the tank fresh. Otherwise, these types of organic waste might hurt your fish and make your tank dirty.

The floating plants take care of those! Just by getting these plants, you reduce the number of times you need to clean your tank.

What an ecosystem!

This is why you should definitely think about getting these plants for your aquarium. It stabilizes the water chemistry.

Providing Shade

Remember the last time you took shelter from the scorching heat of the sun under a tree shade? 

Fish needs that, too!

Sometimes, the light inside your tank can get too bright for your fish. And some fish even like to swim in low light to reduce stress.

These floating aquatic plants can serve as shade for the fish in your tank. And your fish will thank you for them!

Plus, the eggs!

Your fish will feel much more relaxed when they can hide their eggs from predators near the plants’ roots or other appendages. Some baby fish also feel safer under these plant structures. 

So the cover and shade these aquatic plants can provide your fish with are really vital for the fish to thrive.

Fish Nutrition Supplement

Ever forgot to feed your fish? Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us. But you can get away with it if you have these plants around your fish.

Aquatic plants are nutritious for your fish. So when they are hungry, they can snack on these plants.

Also, the microorganisms!

Yes, microorganisms can grow on the roots of these plants. And they are also good for the health of your fish.

So you can get away with not feeding your fish if you have these plants in your tank. But don’t make it a habit!


Floating aquarium plants are really good for your plants, to say the least. They not only make your tank look nicer but also provide for your fish in a way that trees provide for you. So you should definitely get these plants in your tank!

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