Cloud Foundry Cost and Calculations 

Building applications is hard for even the best developers, let alone deploying these applications on their own.

That is where Cloud Foundry comes in to save the day. Any developer can easily build, run, scale, and deploy their cloud-native applications with the help of Cloud Foundry.

And this platform lets any developer write their applications in various computer languages, including Python, Java, Ruby, Node.js, .NET languages, Go, and many others.

But comes with a cost!

Even though there are several different benefits for you if you take advantage of the service Cloud Foundry provides, you have to decide if it’s worth the cost.

So today, I’ll talk about the Cloud Foundry cost and how you can calculate it yourself!

Cloud Foundry Cost

Because of all the benefits one can get from taking the service of Cloud Foundry, many people try to find out about the Cloud Foundry cost beforehand.

Here’s the thing!

This platform is known for not sharing the Cloud Foundry cost online, while some of the competitors of this platform do share the pricing details.

There has been talk about free trials, but nothing can be confirmed. And their tutorials are known to be free of charge.

However, if you wanted to know how the pricing was rated compared to other Development Tools Platform services, it would have a 5.2 rating on a scale of 1-10.

You can calculate, though!

The Total Cost of Ownership or TCO can be calculated by measuring these elements:

Software Customization Cost

If you need to customize your software according to your organization’s certain needs, which you might, you would have to pay the price.

This is especially true in the case of customization that needs significant integration or development work.

Average cost?

On average, this kind of customization might call for a couple of thousand dollars or even as much as a few hundred thousand dollars.

It all depends on how complex your customization work will be.

Cloud Foundry-Relevant Data Migration Cost

If you need the old system’s data to be migrated to newer software, it would be a time-consuming task, not to mention a costly process.

The cost will be higher if the data in question is complex or large in size. And on average, it should cost a couple of thousands of dollars or even as much as more than a few hundred thousand dollars.

Again, the pricing completely depends on how complex the work of data migration is and how much data there will be.

Training Cost

For the Cloud Foundry training, you might need various departments, user types, and usages at your disposal.

And depending on how many of these you may need, the cost will be set. So to be honest, it is not easy training the employees about using your new software, which is why it might be costly.

How much?

It could easily cost you some hundred dollars or as much as a few thousand dollars for each employee.

And again, the cost of training will depend on how long each employee needs to train as well as how complex the software is.

Maintenance Cost

Even after everything is done, you might need support and ongoing maintenance for your software.

And you will have to pay for this maintenance cost if you have any severe issues or bugs and even for frequent updates.

It could cost you several hundred dollars per year to a couple of thousand dollars.


The Cloud Foundry Cost is something you can’t ignore if you want the help of this kind of Development Tools Platform service to develop, deploy, run, or scale any new software application.

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