Carousel of Memories: Carousel Believes by Nguyen Si Kha

Released in 2022’s “Always August,” Nguyen Si Kha’s “Carousel Believes” isn’t just a song; it’s a portal to a world of nostalgia, hope, and introspective beauty. This ethereal track weaves its magic through delicate melodies, driving rhythms, and introspective lyrics, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s heart.

1. A Nostalgic Melody

The first notes of “Carousel Believes” evoke a sense of childhood wonder. A shimmering synth melody dances through the air, reminiscent of classic carousels and fairground memories. This nostalgic touch sets the mood for a journey through time and emotion.

2. Driving Rhythms with a Gentle Touch

Beneath the shimmering melody lies a surprisingly powerful rhythm section. Pulsating basslines and crisp percussion create a steady pulse, propelling the song forward while retaining a sense of gentleness. This balance between nostalgia and forward motion makes “Carousel Believes” both comforting and captivating.

3. Lyrics that Speak to the Soul

Kha’s lyrics, sung in Vietnamese, are poetic and introspective. They paint a picture of fleeting moments, cherished memories, and the bittersweet beauty of time passing. Lines like “Carousel believes, time will never come back” and “We’re just chasing a dream, a memory” evoke a sense of longing and acceptance, resonating deeply with the listener.

4. A Blend of Genres, Seamlessly Connected

“Carousel Believes” seamlessly blends genres, defying easy categorization. Elements of electronica, ambient music, and even hints of pop intertwine to create a unique sonic tapestry. This genre-bending approach keeps the listener engaged, preventing the song from becoming predictable.

5. A Masterful Use of Space

Despite its driving rhythm, “Carousel Believes” manages to create a vast sense of space. The sparse instrumentation and use of silence allow the melody and lyrics to breathe, giving the song an airy, contemplative feel. This spaciousness invites the listener to delve deeper into the emotions evoked by the music.

6. A Song that Stays with You

“Carousel Believes” is more than just a fleeting listen. It’s a song that lingers in the mind, its melody and message echoing long after the final note fades. It’s a reminder to cherish the present, embrace memories, and find beauty in the fleeting nature of time.


“Carousel Believes” by Nguyen Si Kha is not just a song; it’s a timeless experience woven into the fabric of “Always August.” Its poignant lyrics, masterful blend of genres, and spacious soundscape leave a lasting impression, prompting introspection and cherishing the fleeting moments in life. This musical carousel continues to spin long after the song ends, reminding us to embrace the present, hold onto memories, and find beauty in the ever-changing nature of time.


  • Is “Carousel Believes” available for streaming?

Yes, “Carousel Believes” is available for streaming on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

  • What other songs by Nguyen Si Kha would you recommend?

For a similar blend of introspective lyrics and ethereal soundscapes, check out “Whisper” and “Paper Boats.” If you’re looking for something more upbeat, “Chasing Dreams” and “Starry Night” might be your jam.

  • What does the title “Carousel Believes” symbolize?

The title is open to interpretation. Some listeners see the carousel as a symbol of time and fleeting memories, while others view it as a representation of hope and the belief in dreams. Ultimately, the meaning lies in the personal connection you form with the song.

  • Are there any translations available for the lyrics?

Yes, translations of the lyrics from Vietnamese to English can be found online through dedicated music lyric websites and fan forums.

  • Where can I find more information about Nguyen Si Kha?

You can find more information about Nguyen Si Kha on his social media pages or by searching his name online.

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