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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: The Art of Summoning Pokémon in Pixelmon

how to summon a pokemon in pixelmon

The world of Pixelmon brings the thrill of Pokémon catching and training to the world of Minecraft. But how do you acquire these beloved creatures? Worry not, aspiring trainers, for this guide will unveil the secrets of summoning Pokémon in Pixelmon!

Calling Upon the Poké Ball Gods Commands

For those comfortable with commands, Pixelmon offers a direct approach:

Shiny hunters rejoice! Add “s” after the Pokémon name (e.g., /pokespawn Charmanders) for a chance to encounter a rare shiny variant.

Poké Ball Roulette Wild Spawns

Prefer a more natural approach? Explore the world!

Trading Treasures Player Interaction

The beauty of Pixelmon lies in its community!

The Elusive Legendaries

Legendary Pokémon add a prestigious touch to any collection, but acquiring them requires extra effort:

The Power of Breeding

Breed existing Pokémon to create powerful offspring!

Tip: Utilize Ditto for easier breeding, as it can breed with almost any Pokémon.


With the knowledge gleaned from this guide, you’re now equipped to unleash your inner Pokémon trainer and master the art of summoning creatures in Pixelmon. Remember, the path to a powerful team hinges on exploration, experimentation, and collaboration. So, whether you command Poké Balls with code, scour the wilds for hidden encounters, or engage in friendly trades, remember the thrill of the journey itself. Now go forth, explore the vibrant world of Pixelmon, and build the team of your dreams!


A: Some servers disable commands or have different summoning methods. Check your server’s documentation or ask moderators for guidance.

A: Research biomes and their associated Pokémon! Online resources and server-specific information can point you in the right direction.

A: Server rules vary. Some allow legendary trading, while others restrict it. Always clarify with your server’s community guidelines.

A: These hidden stats influence your Pokémon’s potential and personality. Breeding allows you to manipulate these to create stronger Pokémon. Explore online resources for deeper dives!

Q: I’m new to Pixelmon. What are some helpful tips for beginners?

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