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Mastering Moves: Your Guide to Move Relearners in Pixelmon

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Taming the wild world of Pixelmon requires strategic skill and a deep understanding of your Pokémon’s potential. But what happens when you accidentally forget a crucial move or want to revisit an earlier powerhouse technique? Fear not, trainers! Today, we explore the invaluable resources of Move Relearners and how they can help you optimize your team’s combat prowess.

The Move Relearner: Your Second Chance Sensei

Imagine a friendly NPC tucked away in specific biomes, offering wisdom and a second chance for your Pokémon’s forgotten moves. That’s the Move Relearner! These helpful figures can re-teach any move your Pokémon learned naturally throughout their level-up journey, opening doors to diverse strategies and forgotten power.

Finding Your Mentor: Where Do Move Relearners Reside?

While not in every village, Move Relearners can be found in Mountainous, Plains, and Ice Plains biomes. Keep your eyes peeled! Alternatively, if you’re feeling tech-savvy, you can utilize the NPC editor tool to spawn one yourself.

The Price of Knowledge: What Does the Move Relearner Charge?

Thankfully, by default, Move Relearners require no payment for their services. So, you can freely experiment and re-equip your Pokémon without worrying about in-game currency. However, some servers might implement custom costs, so double-check before making a move!

Beyond Level-Ups: Egg Moves and TMs

Not only can Move Relearners revive forgotten level-up moves, but they also hold the key to unlocking previously learned Egg Moves. Bred onto your Pokémon but accidentally overwritten? The Move Relearner can bring them back, expanding your tactical options. Additionally, if you’ve used a Technical Machine (TM) on your Pokémon and later regretted it, the Move Relearner can offer a second chance to teach a different TM move – provided you still possess the TM, of course!

Level Restrictions: Not All Moves are Created Equal

Remember, Move Relearners can only teach moves your Pokémon learned at or below their current level. So, strategize and plan ahead to ensure your Pokémon reaches the necessary level before revisiting a desired move.

From Novice to Master: Your Pokémon’s True Potential

By befriending Move Relearners and understanding their capabilities, you unlock a new level of strategic depth in your Pixelmon journey. Experiment with different move sets, adapt to evolving battle situations, and unleash the true potential within your Pokémon companions. Remember, trainers, knowledge is power – and Move Relearners are your key to unlocking it!


So, the next time your Pokémon faces a move crisis, don’t despair! Seek out the wisdom of Move Relearners and empower your team to conquer any challenge. With this guide in hand, you’re well on your way to becoming a Pixelmon master, strategizing your way to victory with every carefully chosen move. Happy training!


  • Q: What if I can’t find a Move Relearner in my biome?

A: If you’re playing on a server, they might be located in a specific area or require certain permissions. Ask your server admins for guidance. Alternatively, if you’re playing in singleplayer, consider using the NPC editor tool to spawn one yourself.

  • Q: Can I relearn any move, even ones from other Pokémon in my party?

A: No, Move Relearners can only teach moves your specific Pokémon learned naturally during its level-up journey, including Egg Moves you previously bred onto it.

  • Q: Can I relearn moves taught by TMs after I used the TM?

A: Yes! As long as you still possess the TM, the Move Relearner can teach the move as if you were using the TM for the first time.

  • Q: Are there any limitations to using Move Relearners?

A: Yes, your Pokémon must be at least the level it was when it originally learned the move you want to relearn. So, strategize your team’s level progression accordingly.

  • Q: Are there any other ways to relearn moves besides Move Relearners?

A: Some custom servers might implement alternative methods like special items or NPCs. Check your server’s documentation for details.

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