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Mastering Moves: Guide to Move Relearners in Pixelmon

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It combines the beloved world of Pokémon with the blocky charm of Minecraft, creating a unique and engaging experience. But what happens when your Pokémon forgets a crucial move you need? Worry not, aspiring trainers! This guide delves into the wonders of Move Relearners, your key to unlocking forgotten moves and maximizing your team’s potential.

The Problem: Forgotten Moves and Frustrated Trainers

We’ve all been there. You painstakingly level your Pokémon, teaching them specific moves for your strategy. Then, disaster strikes! You accidentally overwrite a vital move, leaving your Pokémon incomplete. Fear not, for a solution awaits!

The Solution: The Move Relearner

Move Relearners are NPCs scattered throughout the Pixelmon world, specifically designed to help trainers like you. Interact with them, and you’ll gain access to a menu listing all the moves your Pokémon has ever learned, regardless of its current moveset.

How it Works: Reclaiming Lost Potential

The process is simple:

  • Select the Pokémon you wish to relearn a move for.
  • Browse the list of available moves.
  • Pay the required amount of “Hearts” (Pixelmon’s currency) for the move.
  • Watch in delight as your Pokémon remembers its forgotten technique!

Where to Find Them: Mapping the Move Relearner Network

Move Relearners can be found in various biomes within Pixelmon:

  • Mountainous: These rugged peaks often hold skilled Relearners.
  • Plains: Keep an eye out for them amidst the vast stretches of grass.
  • Ice Plains: Bundle up and search for them in these chilly terrains.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips and Tricks

Here are some bonus pointers to optimize your Move Relearner experience:

  • Plan your moveset: Strategize beforehand to avoid unnecessary relearning costs.
  • Prioritize egg moves: These valuable techniques can only be relearned from Move Relearners.
  • Utilize online resources: Community forums and guides offer detailed Move Relearner locations and associated costs.


Move Relearners are your allies in building a versatile and adaptable Pokémon team. By understanding their role and utilizing them effectively, you can overcome setbacks, unlock forgotten potential, and conquer the world of Pixelmon. So, remember, trainers, there’s always an answer when a move is lost. With Move Relearners by your side, your journey to becoming a Pokémon Master is unstoppable!


  • Q: Are there any limitations to Move Relearners?

A: Yes, moves learned through TMs cannot be relearned via Move Relearners. However, if your Pokémon used to know the move naturally, it can be relearned.

  • Q: Can I relearn moves from any generation?

A: This depends on your specific Pixelmon mod version. Consult your mod documentation for exact details.

  • Q: What are some good egg moves to prioritize relearning?

A: This depends on your specific Pokémon and preferred strategies. Research potential egg moves online and choose those that complement your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Q: How can I find detailed maps of Move Relearner locations?

A: Many online resources offer comprehensive maps and guides related to Pixelmon, including Move Relearner locations. Utilize trusted community forums and websites for accurate information.

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