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Reindeer Antlers: All You Need to Know

Reindeer Antler

Whenever we think of Christmas, we usually think of Santa Claus and his magical, flying reindeer. They are beautiful, aren’t they?

What really sets them apart from deers isn’t their magical powers. It is actually their antlers that create such interest among people.

Don’t they?

I mean, they are not simple horns! In fact, they are not horns at all! Reindeer antlers are something else entirely.

These beautiful creatures, also named caribou, live in the mountains among various indigenous people.

They are a wonder!

Now if you are more interested in how reindeer grow their antlers, you are in for a treat because I will explain their life cycle today.

And I’ll also include some interesting facts about these antlers!

Reindeer Antlers: The Life Cycle

The entire cycle of the antlers starts around the month of February. At this time, these antlers are just nubs on the reindeer’s heads.

And they will grow about half an inch every single day for the entire spring and also early summer.

They start curving!

Now these C-shaped antlers will start growing thick but soft velvety fur on themselves throughout the rest of the summer. 

This fur actually holds a lot of blood vessels as well as nerves that will help the antlers grow even longer.

Velvety, not for long!

A few months after the appearance of this velvety fur, the antlers will grow to their fullest, and the fur will no longer stay on them.

This is because they will start to rub or strip off this velvety fur from their antlers from the first week of the month of August.

So the reindeer antlers will be left with sharp and hard bone structures. They do this to prepare for their mating season; they involve themselves in a rut.

After the rut is done, they will shed their antlers in the month of November as well as December.

Reindeer Antler Facts

Now I’ll tell you about some of the most interesting facts about the antlers of reindeer in a moment:


The reindeer antlers are not horns but bones, which makes them that much more interesting in the eyes of human beings. These mammals are so unique that they make people wonder if they really do have any magical powers.

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