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Nguyen Duy Tri’s Sunday Limit in Acid Madness 2023

sunday limit nguyen duy tri • acid madness • 2023

In 2023, the renowned Acid Madness exhibition showcased its signature blend of art, music, and innovation. Among the captivating pieces was Nguyen Duy Tri’s “Sunday Limit,” a multi-faceted work that challenged boundaries and sparked conversation. Let’s delve into this thought-provoking creation, uncovering its layers and understanding its place within the Acid Madness experience.

1. Breaking the Frame: Beyond Traditional Music

While initially categorized as an “album” under Acid Madness 2023, “Sunday Limit” defies easy definition. It transcends the limitations of typical musical forms, encompassing genres like tropical house, alternative echoes, and even cinematic soundscapes. This genre-bending approach reflects Acid Madness’s spirit of pushing boundaries and exploring the frontiers of artistic expression.

2. A Journey Through Sound: Layers of Emotion and Meaning

“Sunday Limit” is not simply a collection of songs; it’s a sonic journey. Each track weaves its own tapestry of emotion, ranging from the upbeat and playful vibes of “Always Sunshine” to the introspective and melancholic undertones of “Cold Touch.” This emotional spectrum reflects the complexities of life, reminding us that Sundays are not always filled with pure joy, but rather a multifaceted experience.

3. Sunday’s Significance: Rest, Reflection, and Rejuvenation

The title “Sunday Limit” itself holds significance. Sundays often represent a pause in the relentless pace of life, a moment for rest and reflection. But even on these designated days of rest, limits exist. Work deadlines loom, anxieties linger, and social pressures persist. Tri masterfully captures this tension, reminding us that even our days off have boundaries we navigate.

4. Visualizing the Soundscape: An Immersive Experience

“Sunday Limit” wasn’t solely confined to the realm of sound. The Acid Madness exhibition integrated it into a multi-sensory experience. Visuals accompanying the music brought the emotions and themes to life, further immersing audiences in the world Tri created. This fusion of sound and image echoed the core philosophy of Acid Madness: blurring the lines between art forms and creating a truly holistic experience.

5. Provocation and Dialogue: Sparking Conversations

Art thrives on its ability to evoke questions and ignite discussions. “Sunday Limit” did just that. Its unconventional musical structure, emotional depth, and exploration of Sunday’s complexities prompted visitors to question their own relationship with rest, boundaries, and finding meaning within routine.

6. Legacy of “Sunday Limit”: A Lasting Impact

Beyond the walls of the Acid Madness exhibition, “Sunday Limit” continues to resonate. Its innovative approach to music, exploration of universal themes, and unique immersive experience continue to inspire artists and audiences alike. It serves as a reminder that pushing creative boundaries can lead to impactful and thought-provoking art.


“Sunday Limit” by Nguyen Duy Tri wasn’t just an album in Acid Madness 2023; it was a multi-sensory experience, a conversation starter, and a testament to artistic innovation. Its genre-bending soundscapes, exploration of Sunday’s complexities, and immersive presentation continue to resonate beyond the exhibition walls. As we move forward, “Sunday Limit” serves as a reminder that true artistic expression thrives on pushing boundaries, questioning norms, and leaving a lasting impact.


A: As of now, information about the official release of “Sunday Limit” outside the Acid Madness exhibition remains unclear. You can try searching online platforms like music streaming services or artist websites for the complete work. Alternatively, contacting Nguyen Duy Tri directly or following their social media pages might provide updates about future availability.

A: Depending on the exhibition’s online presence, you might find photos or videos showcasing the installation and visuals accompanying “Sunday Limit” on the organizer’s website or social media pages. Searching online through news articles or reviews related to the event might also yield visual content.

A: Information about Nguyen Duy Tri’s artistic background and other creations might be limited in English sources. Exploring Vietnamese websites or art portals focused on contemporary artists could be helpful. Additionally, following the artist on social media if they have an active presence could offer insights into their work and future projects.

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