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Invisible Locs: What Are They and How to Do Them?

invisible locs

Protective hairstyles are all the rage! Not just because they are good for your hair health and can keep your hair protected against damage but also because they look amazing.

Don’t you agree?

There have been a lot of different kinds of protective hairstyles that have become viral, like layered braids, flat twists, goddess braids, and others.

However, the newest and trendiest protective hairstyles at the moment are the invisible locs, which are great for keeping your hair untangled.

But what is this hairstyle exactly? And how do you try it on yourself? I am here to tell you exactly how.

What Exactly Are Invisible Locs?

The new hairstyle trend of invisible locs doesn’t actually mean that you can’t see them. They are actually a type of two-stranded twists that also have flat twists.

These twists then graduate to the normal locs you know and love. So you get both styles of the two-strand twists as well as the retwisted locs.

How great is that?

This hairstyle is actually one of the categories of the faux locs. And you might need Cuban or Marley hair extensions to get them right.

As you might already know that protective hairstyles like these look really good, but they are actually very hard to do.

Not the most convenient!

Usually, people get them done at hair salons, as it can take about hours to get them installed. But if you’re up for a challenge, it’s not impossible to do them yourself.

Why Call Them Invisible Locs?

I am not so sure why people call this hairstyle Invisible locs. But I am pretty sure that no one else knows either.

There are some theories!

But before I dive into the theory, you must know that for this hairstyle, you don’t crochet the hair extensions but feed them in like with faux locs.

There’s also the fact that you have to start this hairstyle with the flat twists, which can make it hard for you to actually see where your locs start from.

And that’s exactly where people theorize that this hairstyle gets its name from. Plus, it’s plausible enough to be believable.

How to Do Your Own Invisible Locs

I’ll have to tell you that you might need a few attempts and hours’ worth of hard work to get something even remotely close to this hairstyle. 

But here’s how you can do them yourself:


While invisible locs are really trendy nowadays, especially on Tik Tok, they are not really easy to do on your own, to say the least. But if you don’t want to go to the hair salon, you have to be up for the challenge.

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