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Navigating AHRC Business Links: A Guide for Potential Partners

ahrc business links

AHRC (Association for Home and Community Residents) is a prominent organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Businesses seeking to partner with AHRC often encounter the term “AHRC Business Links.” This blog post demystifies this concept and equips you with the knowledge to navigate AHRC Business Links effectively.

What are AHRC Business Links?

AHRC Business Links is a program that connects businesses with qualified individuals with IDD seeking employment opportunities. It acts as a bridge between talented individuals and businesses seeking reliable and dedicated employees.

Benefits of Partnering with AHRC Through Business Links

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool: AHRC connects you with individuals with a wide range of skills and abilities, expanding your recruitment options.

Increased Employee Loyalty: Studies indicate that employees with IDD often exhibit high levels of loyalty and commitment to their employers.

Positive Public Image: Demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility by partnering with an organization that empowers individuals with IDD.

Government Incentives: Certain regions offer tax breaks or other incentives to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities.

How Does AHRC Business Links Work?

Contact AHRC: Reach out to your local AHRC chapter to express your interest in partnering with the Business Links program.

Job Description Submission: Provide AHRC with a detailed job description outlining the duties, skills, and requirements for the open position.

Candidate Matching: AHRC will match qualified individuals with IDD to your specific job requirements.

Interview and Selection: You’ll have the opportunity to interview potential candidates and select the best fit for your needs.

Ongoing Support: AHRC may offer ongoing support services to facilitate a smooth onboarding process and ensure job success.

Resources Offered by AHRC Business Links

AHRC Business Links often provides valuable resources for businesses, including:

Job Coaching: AHRC staff may assist with job coaching to ensure a smooth transition for new hires.

Workplace Sensitivity Training: AHRC might offer training programs to help your existing workforce better understand and support employees with IDD.

Benefits and Tax Credit Information: AHRC can provide guidance on navigating benefits and potential tax credits associated with employing individuals with disabilities.


Partnering with AHRC Business Links presents a win-win opportunity. You gain access to a talented workforce, while contributing to the social inclusion of individuals with IDD. By utilizing the resources and support offered by AHRC, you can build a diverse and successful team within your organization. Consider reaching out to your local AHRC chapter today and explore the possibilities of a rewarding partnership.


A: In most cases, there is no direct cost to businesses for using AHRC Business Links. However, some chapters might have nominal fees associated with specific services like job coaching.

A: Individuals with IDD possess a wide range of skills and abilities. Suitable job opportunities can include administrative tasks, data entry, customer service, food service, assembly line work, and many more.

A: Challenges may include the need for additional training or support during the onboarding process. However, AHRC Business Links offers resources and guidance to address these challenges and ensure a smooth transition for new hires.

A: Visit the national AHRC website ( to find your local chapter and explore their website or contact them directly.

A: Yes, certain government incentives like tax credits may be available to businesses that hire individuals with disabilities. AHRC Business Links can provide guidance on navigating these benefits.

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