Toni Leland

My name is Toni Leland, and I am a freelance writer, published novelist, and Master Gardener in southeastern Connecticut.

I write for several national and regional publications, including NORWICH MAGAZINE, ASPIRE, CONNECTICUT FAMILY, SOUND & COUNTRY, CONNECTICUT LIFESTYLES, Ohio COUNTRY LIVING (Buckeye Power RECA), and CONNECTICUT HORSE.

In the past, I have written a twice-monthly gardening article for, as well as articles for ROMANCE WRITERS REPORT (Romance Writers of America industry magazine), WRITE FROM THE HEART newsletter, the ZANESVILLE TIMES-RECORDER, BY-LINES WRITERS CALENDAR, Hub Pages, and Demand Studios.

I am available for assignment on a wide range of subjects: travel, history, nature, gardening, wildlife, cooking, writing, horses, and outdoor living to name a few.

I provide a good selection of quality photographs with each submission.

My professional background is firmly based in the equine industry. After establishing an advertising/graphics company in 1986, I moved quickly into the publishing sector. We designed and produced annual regional directories for several International Arabian Horse divisions, the NEW ENGLAND NUTMEG HORSE BULLETIN (a yearly events calendar), two bi-monthly breed magazines, and a horse-awareness promotion for a national association. I have published two non-fiction titles which continue to be top sellers in the industry: SHOW YOUR MINI (an exhibitor's handbook) and SO YOU'RE EXPECTING A FOAL (a guidebook for mare owners). Since 1989, I have written many articles for the Miniature Horse industry, and worked as the editor for CONNECTICUT HORSE.

I began my serious fiction career in 1999 with two juvenile chapter-books. To date, I have published ten adult contemporary novels, one paranormal romance, and a Young Adult novella. My fiction has appeared in several anthologies, magazines, and various writing newsletters. I keep up with the writing community through my Facebook page, as well as membership in Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association.