Toni Leland  
Book 3 of the Kovak & Quaid mystery series

Treacherous women, beautiful horses, and dangerous criminals confront Kovak & Quaid at every turn.

Foals are dying of unknown causes at a large Arabian horse farm, sending ex-cop Kim Kovak and fraud investigator Garrett Quaid on a relentless search for answers, leading them to some dark corners of human nature, a brush with international crime, and a shocking discovery.

Kim’s penchant for knowing all the details, and tracking down bad guys gets her into trouble – again – opening even more doors to the past, and putting her partnership with Quaid in jeopardy. To make things more complicated, the unspoken attraction between these two simmers to the surface, threatening to boil over.

Will Kovak & Quaid finally take care of all the Unfinished Business?


ISBN: 9780985530983

A Parallel Press title.

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